Date Smarter Guide: Dating Tips and Advice For Men

date smarter guideHey and welcome to the last dating and self-improvement advice site you’ll ever need! We are a group of guys that like to share tips and advice about dating for men. We like to travel and have been all over the world. During that time we have dated women in many different countries and want to share our experiences in each.

International dating is becoming more and more popular. Modern feminism is pushing men away and movements like MGTOW are springing up. We don’t necessarily think you should write off women altogether, but we totally understand why some guys would.

The beautiful thing is that there are always ways to have a better dating life. Even if it means dating foreign women. If western women aren’t your thing then you can always go abroad to places like South America, Europe, and Asia.

So you may be wondering, that sounds good and all but where do I start? Well, the site is organized into categories about certain topics like dating sites, sex toys, and lifestyle advice. If you want to read about a specific topic then just click on the link to go to that page.

Dating Sites By Type

If you’re not online dating in 2018, then you’re missing out big time. If you’re wondering what the best dating sites are then you’ll want to read our guides on each type of dating site. We break down what the best overall sites are as well as some alternative sites for people looking for something specific.


If you’re curious about foreign dating but don’t know what country you like best then checking out some international dating sites can offer a good view into the world of foreign dating. Our top recommended sites offer a wide variety of women.


We have a lot of collective experience with Asian women. We have complete guides that share where to meet them, seduce them and everything you need to know about them. Asian dating sites are a popular choice for a reason.


Maybe exotic looks aren’t your thing and you prefer blonde women or just a caucasian look. Well, look no further than a European dating site. You can find girls that look like the American models but without the bitchy attitude.

South America

Latina women can be real bombshells. There’s no coincidence that so many men travel to Latin countries every year. If you want to meet some of these beauties then there’s no better place than online. Read about latin dating sites for more info on these women.

For Affairs/Cheating

If you’re the type that gets bored easily in relationships then you may be looking to spice things up with an affair. Hey, we’re not judging. We’ve reviewed some affair websites to help out so that you can have a proper affair and not get scammed.

For Gay People

If you play for the other team no worries, we have some guides for you as well. A dating site is a great way to meet that special someone and I’ve asked some friends what the scoop on gay dating sites are nowadays.

For Christians

If you’re looking for someone who shares your love of god then you must find them on a dating site for Christians.


I’ve traveled extensively in Thailand and the Philippines for many years and has a ton of experience with Ladyboys. Read about the best dating sites for ladyboys here.

Dating Guides

Save a Broken Marriage

If your marriage is broken then you need to do whatever it takes to save it. Read our complete guide on how to save your marriage.

Get Your Ex Back

Breakups are always super painful. Sometimes you might realize that the relationship could have worked after the fact. So what do you do? You should read our guide on how to get your ex-girlfriend back and keep her for good.

Dating Products

There are many different products that you need to date effectively. Things like sex toys, books, etc are all important. Read my reviews to find the best products.

Sex Toys

Sex toys aren’t just for women anymore. If you’re still jerkin it the old fashioned way in 2018 you’re doing it wrong! The most popular one by far is the fleshlight. Read our best fleshlight reviews to see which one you should get.