About Us

Hey there, glad you found my site. My name is Jeff and I have a simple goal for this site. To help guys around the world have the dating life they deserve. Me and some of the guys that write for this site have been traveling and living abroad for the last 10 years and let me tell you, it’s a different world out here.

My Story

About 15 years ago I was stuck in a miserable marriage. I would work all day at a demanding construction job and then come home to my nagging wife. I wasn’t happy but didn’t know that you could find good women internationally at the time so I just put up with the bullshit.

Eventually I had enough of it and filed for divorce. I lost a lot of money but she bought me out of the house and I decided to do some traveling with the money. I took a trip to Thailand and had a great time. The women were the polar opposite of the states… Kind, feminine and the country has a low obesity rate.

I was hooked from the first trip… I ended up starting an online business and traveling all over the world for a few years while working from my laptop. I’ve lived in all the major continents and have a lot of experience with dating.

Along the way I met a lot of expats that have been living this type of lifestyle for years already and decided to start a blog. My mission is to help spread the word that dating can be so much better outside of your home country.

I  write most of the content for this blog along with a couple other guys that I met while traveling. Hope you enjoy the content!