Why is Affair Sex So Much Better?

affair sex

It’s no secret that relationships tend to go through cycles. Can you think back to when you and your significant other started dating? Maybe it is so long ago, that you barely remember. You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other! This experience of pure bliss is found at the start of all new relationships and commonly called the “honeymoon phase”.

The emotional side, on the other hand, builds up over time. Trust, familiarity, and safety increase, and couples tend to get comfortable with each other. When this happens, however, we lose the newness, the excitement, and the trepidation of getting to be with someone you don’t know so well.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, relationships develop baggage. And this baggage gets in the way of you simply enjoying the physical side of the relationship. Sex can even be used as a tool in the relationship that one party uses against the other to manipulate them. When this begins to happen, sex can be anything but fun or exciting. Instead, sex becomes rare, or maybe even non-existent. So what are you supposed to do if your love life is boring or lacking? Affair sex just might be the solution for you.

Affair sex can provide these things we lost in abundance. You are excited not only because you are with someone new, but also because of the lack of emotional baggage. A familiar long-term partner carries with it small resentments, power-plays, and resistance to try new things. Affair sex is more like what you used to have before you got married.

Why is Affair Sex So Good?

Taking Risks Increases Excitement

If you are someone who gets excited when taking some risks, having affair sex is a great way to get off. Every time you meet your new partner there is the chance of getting caught. Of course, you don’t want that, but it adds to the excitement. It is similar to doing it in public. The fear that at any time someone could just walk in on you causes your senses to be heightened and your heart to start racing. The resulting sex is directly enhanced because of this excitement.

Affair Sex Recaptures the Honeymoon Phase

intense coupleIn a committed relationship, there is a tally; someone is keeping score. Perhaps you only get laid after taking your partner shopping or cleaning the house. When you have affair sex you remove all of these complications. You rewind the clock to a time when sex was fun, and there was no tit-for-tat involved. Rather, you did it because of the thrill and because of the pure excitement felt between you. You can recapture that excitement through affair sex. You do not need to abandon your existing relationship or marriage and become single again. You really only want to have sex like you did before.

Rediscover the Benefits of Appreciation

One of the worst things about relationships is being taken for granted. We are all guilty of taking our partners for granted, and we have all felt unappreciated too. One of the greatest things about affair sex is the appreciation that comes with it. Making love is a good thing, so why shouldn’t we appreciate our sexual partner? Be thankful. Sing their praises! You do not owe each other anything, so whatever you are doing often results in a thank you.

Married sex is all about repetition and keeping the status quo. But with affair sex, it can all be new again. You don’t need new moves. Even the old moves are new here. All of those secret places are hidden once again, ready to explore and discover. Everything is special and praiseworthy.


When we have a long-term relationship, or possibly a marriage, we end up falling into routines. Life can be comfortable but unfortunately also unstimulating and unsatisfying. Having an affair can remind yourself how sex can be something new. The excitement of affair sex has wonderful side-effects too. Being with someone who finds you attractive can do wonders for your ego. All of a sudden you feel good about yourself. This brings new energy into all of your existing relationships.

If you can keep your affair hidden so that you don’t hurt the one you love, affair sex can be beneficial for the both of you. Thankfully this is pretty easy nowadays with online sites like these. Your new youthfulness, positive energy, and focus is something you haven’t had in a long time, and it is something your partner will definitely enjoy and perhaps fall in love once again.

You can have a new lease on life, bringing fun into your current relationship. Although many people talk about the negatives of affair sex, as you can see, there are many potentially good things that can come from it. Weigh the pros and cons for yourself, but don’t be afraid to take some risks in order to reap the rewards!

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