Why Do Asian Women Like White Men & Vice Versa?

white man with asian womanWhen it comes to interracial relationships Asian girls and white men are by far the most common. It’s fairly rare to see an Asian guy with a white woman. In fact, white women are known for being fairly brutal to some races of men when it comes to the sexual marketplace.

You also don’t see many Asian girls with races other than white or Asian. Why does this occur though? That’s what we’ll cover in this article.

Keep reading and we’ll go through all the reasons that the white male and Asian female relationships are so common…

White Male Physical Features That Asian Girls Like

Facial Features

The sexual marketplace can be absolutely brutal and this is probably the number one reason why Asian girls prefer white men. Probably 80% of your success with women is based on looks. Asian chicks tend to like the facial features that white dudes have.

Things like white skin, narrow and straight nose, high cheekbones, double eyelids, oval-shaped eyes, and fuller lips are all things that come standard for white men. The women tend to find these things attractive and often get plastic surgery to get more “white” facial features. Nose jobs are probably the most popular procedure along with the eyelid surgery.

White Skin

white skinIt’s deeply ingrained in Asian culture that white skin is high status. Years ago the peasants that worked as farmers would be out in the sun all day which would make their skin quite dark. Wealthy people, on the other hand, were all indoors and able to avoid the sun which preserved their beautiful white skin. Therefore, dark skin became a sign of being poor and low status.

Some countries are worse than others when it comes to this discrimination. Thailand is known for being a country obsessed with white skin. Most beauty products and even stuff like sunscreen have whitening features in it. There is also a ton of plastic surgery that goes on in these countries. Women and even some men are so obsessed with the “white look” that they will do whatever it takes to achieve this. This could include surgery or even getting glutathione injections which alter their natural skin color. You can see these clinics all over the country with countless people desperate for the beautiful white looking skin.

Testosterone & Masculine Features

high testosteroneJust a quick look at your average Asian guy will show fewer masculine features. The main reason for this comes down to anabolic hormones like testosterone. This is one area that white guys have more of on average.

Here’s a study that shows the testosterone levels in Swedish Vs Korean men.

“Compared with the Koreans, the Swedish population had significantly higher concentrations of total testosterone (18.0 ± 5.3 vs. 14.4 ± 4.6 nmol/liter, P < 0.001) and SHBG (20.2 ± 6.2 vs.18.2 ± 6.2 nmol/liter, P = 0.030). “

This study shows that Asian guys have less of this important hormone on average. Testosterone is responsible for building/maintaining muscle, strength, aggression, assertiveness, confidence, sex drive, business success and more.

All women and especially Asian women are attracted to strong, dominant men that have high-testosterone features. So if Asian men are lacking in this department they will be subconsciously seen as less attractive.


tall manIf an Asian guy is taller than 5’9 he has gotten very lucky. The truth is there are way less Asian guys that are considered tall (over 6 foot). Sadly, women are pretty discriminatory when it comes to height and will often reject guys that aren’t at least a couple inches taler than them.

When it comes to online dating, some will even put in their profile that they only date guys over a certain height! White women are generally more discriminatory about this so if you’re a non-white guy you’ll have more success on the top Asian dating sites.

White Male Personality Traits Asian Women Love


Asian guys generally have a problem with being too shy. This is because the culture focuses so much on school and academia that they don’t develop the real-world skills they need. White guys, on the other hand, get much more practice talking to and seducing girls from a young age. This gives them an edge with the ladies when they approach with confidence and swagger.

Easy Going

White guys generally have easier going personalities than Asian guys. This ties in with the last point where too much focus is put on academics and social skills are neglected. Nerds, in general, aren’t getting laid too much.

Why do White Men Like Asian Women? (Yellow Fever)

feminineNow to turn the tables. It’s no secret that lots of white guys have yellow fever and love Asian chicks. But why? That’s what we’ll go over in this section.

More Feminine

The western world has gone through an interesting shift in the last few decades. Lots of guys don’t like the rise of modern feminism because the women are now acting more like men. They’ve lost their feminine features and have become less attractive to a lot of guys. Asian women on the other hand (not whitewashed) still act more feminine. This is why so many guys move abroad to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines.

Better Bodies

western obesityThe increasing popularity of processed foods, sugar and heavy drinking has exploded the obesity rate in the west. Up to 40% of women are now obese in the US! Compare that to Vietnam’s 3% obesity rate and it makes sense why guys are going for the slim Asian women over the increasingly obese western women.

More Submissive

In every relationship, one person has to wear the pants. A strong masculine man needs a woman that’s going to submit to him. This doesn’t have to be interpreted negatively, it’s simply how traditional relationships work. Asian girls will be more submissive in general and allow their man to lead the relationship. This leads more men to seek out Asian girls for relationships.