Best Affair Websites: Top Infidelity Sites For Cheaters

the best affair websites

When it comes to having an affair the number one concern is privacy and security. You need to make sure that this stays your dirty little secret. It can be a disaster if you get caught and can cause unnecessary stress.

That’s why more and more people are going online to find their partners. There are many reasons why using one of the best affair sites is the way to go. Unfortunately, not all of them are legit.

In fact, some of them are complete SCAMS with fake members and other garbage. Thankfully I’ve tried many of them over the years and can show you which ones are legit.

I’ve been in an unhappy marriage for 15 years and happily cheating for the last 10, so I know what I’m talking about. Stick around until the end of this article to see the ONLY sites you should consider when trying to find an affair online…

Best Affair Sites For Married Dating

Below are my recommendations for the ONLY sites that are worth trying nowadays. There are over 300 cheating sites out there but sadly most of them are a complete joke. The ones below, however, have been field tested by me.

Ashley Madison

The other top pick when it comes to sites for cheaters is good old The site is easy to use and has a ton of hot, horny members ready to have a discreet affair.

This is another solid option and I’ve found a few good partners over the years on this site. I’m happy to recommend it and you can read my AshleyMadison review for more info or click the button below to sign up.

Why Use a Cheating Website?

There are several reasons why you NEED to go with a website that is specially designed for infidelity and not just any website, or even worse, an app.


privacyMarried dating websites have much better security than typical dating sites. The paid membership is actually a good thing that stops anyone from signing up whenever they want. Most people will not go through the hassle of paying for the site just to check it out. There are also more privacy features that will help you to avoid getting caught.

Apps like Tinder are even worse for security than regular dating sites. There is absolutely nothing stopping your spouse from signing up and catching you red handed! Don’t let that happen, stick with our recommendations.

Cheating Sites Aren’t Mainstream

Affair sites are not exactly mainstream. Most people don’t know that most of the ones that I recommend even exist. This makes them the PERFECT place to carry out a discreet affair. You can have peace of mind that nobody will ever find out about your little secret;)

Apps and mainstream dating sites, on the other hand, are the complete opposite and extremely risky. Even my grandmother is on Tinder for crying out loud! There’s absolutely nothing stopping your spouse from signing up and seeing you on there.

What to Look For in an Affair Website?

When you want to choose an affair site to sign up for there are a few things to consider that I will go over below.

Privacy and Security

This is a big one. Going back to my earlier point, you don’t want to sign up for a mainstream dating site like Plenty of Fish because it’s so easy to cheat and get caught. You want a site that has good privacy features like stealth profile mode and member screening capabilities.

Ease of Use

When looking for a partner to have your affair with, you don’t want to spend ages looking. Signing up for a site that has an easy to use interface will help you find some hot sex faster. The ones I recommend are great for this.

What to Avoid on Affair Dating Websites

In your search for the best affair site, there are a few things to watch out for that could get you in trouble.

Cheating Site Scams

As with any online dating site, there are going to be a few scammers lurking out there. The good news is that you can weed out 95% of them just by going with a paid affair site! Most scammers are just looking to make a quick buck and won’t bother paying for a legitimate cheating site.

Private Investigators

private investigatorSomething very shocking that a lot of people don’t know about infidelity sites is that the smaller, shadier ones are set up by private investigators! Their primary goal is to catch you in the act so they can try and blackmail you with incriminating information.

Let’s face it, around 70% of people cheat, and much more would if they knew how easy it was to get away with. This makes a lot of wealthy and high profile people a target for blackmail. Some people have public reputations to protect and can’t risk having their affairs exposed.

By following my advice you can avoid these types of sites. I also have guides on everything you need to know about making your affair as discreet as possible.