2019’s Best European Dating Sites: Top Websites In Europe

the best european dating sites

The number of European dating sites has exploded over the past couple years. There are so many, that it can get confusing. How are you supposed to know which ones are legit? Relax we got you covered.

In this article, we are going to go over the best European dating sites. there are really only a couple that are worth your money and time, the rest are very poor quality.

Keep reading to see which ones make the cut and which one should be avoided at all costs.

Best Dating Sites For European Women


International Cupid is a site run by Cupid media. They cover a very wide range of women and have a very accurate filtering system. The reason that we picked International Cupid as our number one choice, is that the high-quality standards that this company is known for are prevalent on this website.

Things like fake profiles and scammers are very rare on this site. The strict moderation prevents these type of people from operating. This makes your dating experience much, much better. International Cupid is also a great place to meet foreign women if you are in the United States


Ukraine date is another part of the Cupid Media Company that we recommend in your search for European women. You can find beautiful Ukrainian women in all areas of the world and especially European countries.

This is one of the best places if you’re looking to meet some beauties that are traveling outside of Ukraine for work or school. I once met a girl off this site that was studying in Poland. The type of girls that do travel are also very well educated and classy. You can find plenty of them on this site if you put the time in.

Since Ukraine is not that far from other European countries you will find lots of women that are working in other countries as nannies, secretaries and other jobs.


Match is a very popular dating site that caters to every country. The members Berry in age and there is a decent variety on this site. It doesn’t have quite as many beautiful European women as the other sites we’ve mentioned. However, it might still be worth it go if you feel like it.

How to Pick a European Dating Website

No matter what countries women you like, there will be some options for you on a European dating site. Whether you want a nice Polish girl or a sexy Serbian you can find what you’re looking for.

You just need to make sure to watch out for the common pitfalls that happened when looking for a legit website for Euro women.

Europe Dating Site Features

When it comes to the features of the dating site, you want something that isn’t too difficult to use but also give you the functionality that you need. You want to be able to search for your ideal woman easily, as well as avoid all the fake profiles and scammers. You should also consider whether you need a translation feature or live chat. A compatibility test can also make it easier to filter out a lot of people that you wouldn’t get along with.

Size of the Site

Some online dating sites for European girls are bigger than others. in general, the bigger ones are always going to be better. The reason for this is that there are just so much more women to go around. On a bigger site, you can play the numbers game and find the type of girl you’re looking for a lot faster. There are also new girls signing up all the time so there is a constant stream of new members.

Quality of the Girls

You also want a site that has quality girls obviously. Any of the Cupid media ones that we recommend are known for having the hottest women. They are also much more likely to want to meet you as it’s a paid dating site which attracts quality members.

Moderation of the Site

Some sites have better moderation than others. In general, smaller European dating sites just don’t have the budget to be able to screen out the bad members. It takes resources to have a team to control the quality of the site. this is something only bigger states can afford to do, hence why there are so many fake profiles on smaller sites.


How much it costs is also something to consider. It’s pretty much mandatory to go to a paid site these days. The reason for this is that the free sites have so many fake profiles and girls that are not serious about meeting at all.

You’ll just end up wasting your time when you could be chatting with beautiful women who actually want to meet you.

What European Country Do You Want?

There are many countries in Europe, and each one has different types of women. If you want to meet women from a certain country, then it helps to look for a site that specializes in that country.


Ukraine is one of the most popular places to meet beautiful European women. Ukrainian dating sites also happen to be the best place to meet these women. When they are looking for a man, they almost always go online as they are very busy with work.


Russian is a country that is known for the beautiful women it produces. There’s a reason that so many of the top supermodels around the world are Russian women. I can’t promise you’ll meet a supermodel, but if you check out some Russian dating sites you can meet some pretty girls that are


Serbian women are highly underrated when it comes to European women. There aren’t many westerners that visit this country and the girls are very receptive to foreigners. When planning your trip to Serbia a Serbian dating site can help you find what you were looking for. Check them out and find a hot Serbian woman to show you around.


Polish girls definitely stand out. Their blonde hair and blue eyes are very beautiful and it’s no reason that guy’s travel all over the world to see these women.