Best Filipina Dating Sites: Top Legit Website Reviews


Finding the best Filipina dating sites can be a challenge sometimes. Some are straight up dodgy and there are lots of scammers, fake profiles, and ladyboys.

I’ve tried many of these sites over the years with lots of success, so I want to give you guys the playbook when it comes to online dating sites in the Philippines.

Some sites are better for guys that are looking for marriage, while others are ideal for short term flings. Whatever you want you can find it on a Filipino dating site.

Keep reading and I’ll go over the only sites that you need to consider. You can save lots of time and money, as well as avoid scams and crappy sites…

Best Philippines Dating Websites

Filipino Cupid

The undisputed choice when it comes to reputable and legit dating sites in the Phils is this one. The site is run by a reputable company with many different sites catering to different countries. You can read my full Filipino Cupid review if you want the full scoop.

Whenever I make a trip over to the Philippines I make sure to sign up for the Platinum membership. It’s easy to get started and the women are eager to meet you, I promise. You can take a look around with a free membership but won’t be able to message back all the hotties that are blowing up your inbox!


The runner-up for a legit dating site in the Phils is Pina Love. It is the second biggest one and has lots of decent girls. The quality is not as high as our first choice but there are still some hotties if you look long enough.

The sign up is easy and you can send a message every 10 minutes for free. Sadly because of the free feature, there is a higher chance of fake profiles but it’s still at a reasonable level. Read my Pinalove review for all the info.

Are There Scams on Filipino Dating Websites?

lady posing


Dating sites that cater to the Philippines kind of get a bad rap because of the actions of a few. In my experience, there aren’t all that many scams on sites these days, at least not the ones I have personally tried and am recommending to you guys.

All the sites that I recommend have pretty good moderation and profile screening to weed out the bad apples. Just use some common sense and remember to not send money and you’ll be fine.

Why Use Online Dating Sites in the Philippines?

Here are a few reasons why you are missing out BIG TIME if you’re not dating online these days.


The first time I came over here 10 years ago it wasn’t like it is now. Online dating wasn’t a huge thing back then, whereas nowadays it’s by far the easiest and most efficient way to meet hot, young women.

In fact, if you aren’t using online dating sites you’re way behind the times and missing out big time! There are just so many hot, eager women on there that would love to meet you. Don’t worry just follow my guides and you can get up to speed quickly. I’ve beta tested a lot of the material already.

The Highest Quality Pinays are Online

professional pinoyIt’s a fact guys… The highest quality women are online these days. You simply aren’t going to find as many stunners in the bars (at least not for free). Online you can message as many as you want and play the numbers game to reel in a hottie.

There are lots of girls that work good office jobs and go looking for foreign men online. Plenty of wife material if that’s what you’re looking for.

You Have High Value

There’s just something about Pinay ladies, they really love foreign men. It’s common for girls to come straight to my hotel after just an hour of messaging online. That kind of thing never happened to me back in the states, I barely got a second look from women.

Low Cost

Don’t even get me started on the cost of dating in the US. The money I’ve spent is ridiculous… Out in the Phils, on the other hand, I rarely spend more than $20 on a date with Pinays and they always have a happy ending:)

The Verdict On Filipino Sites

Still reading? Set yourself up with a membership already! You can take a peek beforehand but I promise that you won’t regret it. It’s by far the best online dating site for out there for Filipinas.

The great quality control and easy search features make it worth every penny. You’ll be thanking me after you meet with a few hotties;) If you want to see some other options then click here to go back to the main page.