What is the Best Fleshlight of 2018? Our Honest Reviews

best fleshlight reviews

The Fleshlight is by far the most popular male sex toy in the adult toy industry and for good reason. Even though these toys are not products generally put out on display, they nevertheless have a stylish appearance and are well manufactured to withstand a good pounding :p.

The search for the best fleshlight can be difficult with every product claiming to be the best and it can be hard to know if you can trust fleshlight reviews. With all these products styles, textures, and entry options, it can be a little overwhelming to know which of these pleasure-aids is the right one for you.

Don’t worry we got you covered. The guys that write at Date Smarter Guide have let’s say a lot of “hands-on experience” with different fleshlights over the years. Some have stood the test of time, some couldn’t take the pounding. Read until the end of our best fleshlight reviews to learn which ones give maximum pleasure and are worth your hard earned money…

Fleshlight Quick Picks

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read then check out our 3 favorite fleshlights below.

What Makes Up a Fleshlight?


The name of the fleshlight, as well as the company brand, came about because of the similarity in appearance with a common flashlight. When someone mentions the brand, we immediately think of this simplistic shape and the potential for creating pleasure. There is no doubt that the choice of styling combined with the unforgettable name enabled this product to quickly dominate the male sex toy market.

Although fleshlights are no longer the taboo they once were, discreteness is still very important to most customers. Compared with competitor products, the Fleshlight has the advantage of a more compact size.

Materially-speaking, most cases are made of thick plastic that provides some stiffness for the lush interior sleeve to push into. However, there are models made with thinner and more flexible plastic that can be squeezed by hand to apply extra pressure. With the flagship models, the pressure and suction are controlled with a screw cap on the rear of the device. Squeezing has no effect. Closing the cap at the rear will shut off the air vents, creating much tighter suction and in-turn greater pressure. The cap can be adjusted for the desired experience. Informal surveys reveal that most guys prefer the cap nearly fully closed, allowing very little air to escape, thus ensuring a tight but not uncomfortable feeling.


The entry of the Fleshlight is purely cosmetic. It does not affect the shape of the inner channel. It is simply a design that may be mentally helpful to encourage arousal. Take a look at the choices and pick one that you find the most appealing. The original Fleshlight was rumored to be based on a famous actress, but the less glamorous reality was that it was a mold created by a graphic designer on a computer.

The Fleshlight Girls designs, however, are perfect plaster casts of girls themselves, specifically adult film stars. Now that is something we can get excited about! The company brought the girls in and had their bodies covered in plaster to mold and replicate anatomically accurate entries for the Fleshlights. Not surprisingly, the FL Girls designs are some of the most popular products the company sells.

There are three basic entry categories available: Lady, Butt, and Mouth. Lady is a cast of the vagina, while the butt and mouth are more intuitively named. Lady is the most popular with the butt texture a close second, and the mouth a distant third.

Surface and Textures

The magic of the Fleshlight, however, is not the case nor the orifice nor the cap. It is not about the outward appearance. When we cut to the chase, Fleshlight is all about the coveted apple pie filling. This most important simulation is brought about by the ingenious inner sleeve and the texture on the surface of the sleeve. The sleeve is the long skin-like material that runs the inside length of the casing, and it is what comes directly into contact with your shaft.

Since each guy is stimulated in slightly different ways, there are literally hundreds of different sleeve designs, each with its own unique texture which directly affects what you feel and the intensity of the pleasure. There is no way to rank preference. This is an area where you will need to pick one that you think will suit you best, and over time experiment with other styles.

Top Rated Fleshlight Reviews

Wonder Wave (Best for Beginners)

wonder wave

Often someone who has never used a fleshlight before will be told to start out with a low-intensity texture. Something very basic such as the original Fleshlight textures. However, we have found that these early versions are generally not stimulating enough for most men. There is another texture we recommend, and it is the Wonder Wave.

We recommend this for beginners simply because it omits some of the radical features of the more stimulating textures. For example, there are fewer changes in canal width, so the resistance is lowered and permits using it without much practice. Nonetheless, the Wonder Wave can be found with the lady, butt, mouth and cheeks orifices, so you still have plenty of variety!

Another reason we recommend it for beginners is that it’s completely adaptable. No matter your size, by tightening or loosening the cap of the sleeve, you can increase or decrease the amount of stimulation without it becoming too intense.

Stamina Training Unit (STU) – (Best for Practice)

stamina training unit

The Stamina Training Unit or STU for short was designed to replicate sexual intensity in order to help customers increase their sexual performance, endurance, and technique all while they enjoy themselves. ILF definitely accomplished their objective with this product and for this reason, it has become their best selling product worldwide.

Even if you do not consider yourself to struggle with stamina, there is a reason the STU is the best selling product. First of all the texture of the STU is one of the most intense available. More importantly, it is intense all the way through. Textures like the Destroya have intense sections and more subdued sections, but the STU is forceful and snug throughout. The STU maintains a constant pressure, thus allowing you ample opportunity to train your stamina and performance.

Whether you have stamina issues or not, this product will allow you to improve. Quite simply, after some practice with the STU, you will perform better in bed. If you can last with the STU, you can last with any woman. Even though it is called a stamina trainer, it does not lack in the pleasure department. You can definitely enjoy your training.

As impressive as the inside of the STU is, outwardly this unit is just as amazing. First of all, it is gold in color. It is very shiny and is made to impress. Moreover, the length of the STU is 9.75” tall with an inner chamber length of 8.5”. We think that is more than sufficient for most.

The basic Stamina Trainer fleshlight comes with the classic lady orifice, but you should consider a ‘pure’ orifice. This is simply a hole, not meant to resemble any anatomical part. This is intentional, perhaps to assist you to not get distracted during your training.

For those looking for some high-tech pleasure, the Vstroker STU allows you to integrate your Fleshlight into an interactive porn scene. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a VR setup. This is definitely the least expensive way for you to be involved in interactive sex scenes.

Mini-Lotus (Best for Smaller Guys)


For the less-endowed, in addition to the portable Pilot model, there are two other product options. The first is the Mini-lotus. It is a smaller version of the best-selling Lotus texture which is fairly intense and perfect for first-time users. This texture has several sections throughout the sleeve that have varying widths, bumps, and other features. For a beginner, this is fairly intense and for those who have tried many styles already, this might be a welcome change.

If you are looking for a less intense experience, then consider the Super Tight sleeve. The original Fleshlight, which is just an open tube, was modified to be much more constrictive so that it is a much better fit for smaller guys.

The great thing about both of these choices is that they are available with many different orifices, so it will take a long time to get tired of these more compact devices. Another benefit of the Mini-Lotus is that it is available with many traditional options as well as on the Fleshlight Girl models.

Destroya (Best Overall)


There are hundreds of different textures available for Fleshlights. Each one has its unique characteristics, so how could you possibly ever decide? Fortunately, we have tried many of them, and you can read all of our reviews.

But if you want to skip to the end and get your hands on something other than yourself, the Destroya is one of the most pleasurable options. It has an intense feel, which is what most men want, but with great variety in width and pressure. The reviews for it are always favorable, it is one of ILF’s top sellers, and it is our favorite to recommend.

The Destroya texture can be bought separately with a variety of orifices, or it can be purchased under the Stoya product line. Surely you have heard of one of the worlds’ most recognizable porn stars. You can now enjoy Stoya both on film and also in the palm of your hands since her shape is molded into this texture.

The Destroya texture is one of the most intense that you can buy. There are three rings of bumps and notches that will tug at you as you slide in, then there is a ‘pleasure dome’ that consists of larger pointed bumps coming at you from all directions. We believe that this is the right texture for the majority of men buying their first, second or even seventh texture because it offers great intensity, plenty of variation, and satisfactory tightness. This is the reason why it is one of their best sellers!

Different Types of Fleshlights to Consider

Lotus – Most Realistic Feel

Along with the Destroya, the Lotus texture is one of the more popular textures and can be found with a huge variety of orifices. There are many who declare that this texture is the most realistic. Rather than trying to give you an intensely stimulating feeling, the Lotus is made to simulate reality. A normal vagina doesn’t have huge bumps or fangs, and neither does the Lotus. Just like the flower, you’ll find gentle rolls, tighter sections and pressure points that feel natural.

The vaginal canal initially is more narrow, then about 3 inches in it opens up a little wider. From there, an area of rolls and small bumps will stimulate you. You will swear it’s the real thing! From 6 inches to 9 inches there are a highly stimulating set of bumps that sets this texture apart and is another reason for its popularity.

Fleshlight Girls (FLG) — For Fantasy

As previously mentioned, Fleshlight has continued to improve on an already fantastic product by introducing replicas of the privates of famous porn actresses. This has allowed ILF to continue to grow as a company for yet another decade. In order to produce these realistic textures, each of these amazing girls allowed themselves to be covered in hot, wet, liquid yet again. This time though plaster was the fluid of choice, and the result is an exact mold of their mouth, cheeks, legs, butt and of course vagina. This mold could then be used to create the replica textures for you to enjoy first-hand.
Best of all, there are many girls that have been duplicated, so you can try several in order to compare and contrast if that’s your thing. Each one is unique, just as each girl is unique. It definitely can spice things up. The fantasy becomes more interesting when you know that each unique texture is made according to one of these girls’ amazing parts. Here is the list of FLG’s available to date:

  • Storm by Romi Rain
  • Siren by Annikka Albrite
  • Fit by Nicole Aniston
  • Crush by Dillion Harper
  • Tease by Tera Patrick
  • Sugar by Eva Lovia
  • Goddess by Annikka Albrite

Before simply choosing one based on the actress you want to crush, take a look at the appearance and described features of each. Some have more bumps and spikes, and there are also depth changes that cause different levels of intensity. They all will have different advantages and disadvantages. No doubt you can find one that is suitable. In reality, there are probably several.

Obsession – Most Intense

On the high end of the intensity spectrum is Obsession. This is an intensely pleasurable texture modeled after Jenna Haze. It is the tightest, most intense texture that is for sale for the Fleshlight, and it will feel better than any other sleeve. The reason for this is the concentration of bristles within that provide amazing pressure. If other textures are understimulating for you, then try an intense sleeve such as the Obsession.

We cannot understate that this sleeve is not for the faint-hearted. It was created to be the most intense sleeve on the market and it is exactly that. If this is your first fleshlight then you should probably look to something less intense such as the Destroya which is still intense but more forgiving.

Pilot – Most Convenient

There are times for large and then there are times for discretion. The Pilot falls into the latter category. It is often chosen by beginners of masterbatory products because it is less expensive, non-intimidating and much more discreet than the other Fleshlight models. The Pilot is currently the #1 selling male sex toy and was designed to be portable, discreet, and fun. If you want a toy that is easier to hide or to take with you when your travel, then this is by far the best option.

While the main Fleshlight models have an insertable size of 9 inches, the Pilot is only 6 inches. This means it is easier to carry, and the majority of men will be able to enjoy to full interior of the sleeve. The end zone of most conventional sleeves can be out of reach for those with below-average lengths, but the Pilot’s shorter length is fun for everyone.

The Pilot enclosure is very attractive, but of course, the appearance of the casing is probably not what you think about when using it. Nonetheless, it is a nice touch. Compared with the substantial size of the premiere Fleshlight models, the compact size of the Pilot is a welcome change, and it is very comfortable to hold.

Currently, the Pilot does not allow you to interchange textures. This would definitely be a welcome addition, one that hopefully ILF will consider adding in the future. Likewise, many of the larger Fleshlight products would be much more conducive to travel if they came in the smaller 6 inch size.

Brief Fleshlight History

Fleshlight was first introduced in 1995 by Steve Shubin. His company, Interactive Life Forms (ILF), is still run by him and his wife. Their company was granted a patent in July 1998 for the original tubular fleshlight product. In subsequent years they have continued to refine and expand upon their design in order to be more realistic and to appeal to a greater variety of consumers.

One way that they have successfully tried to make their product better imitate the female anatomy is to actually use real women as models for their product textures. Several years ago, ILF came up with an “FL Girls” line that uses molds of actual porn stars’ body parts in the fabrication of their complex innards. More recently they have expanded their repertoire of source models by including designs taken from popular Camgirls.

Final Questions


There is a wide range of accessories, from a few bucks into the hundreds of dollars. The great thing about these toys is that you really can mix it up with a few accessories, and you can have an entirely different experience without changing the core product.

Use and Care

This is not a section on how to masturbate. We believe you have enough experience with that on your own. However, there are some things you need to do to prepare the Fleshlight for use.
First of all, the inside of the toy needs to be warmed up. You can do this by using a Sleeve Warmer if you have purchased one, or by using moderately hot water to bathe the sleeve for several minutes. Once it is warm inside, you should empty it of any water and apply a reasonable amount of lube, this will prevent any pulling, rubbing, or chafing. Water is not a satisfactory lubricant.

Finally, you can insert yourself into the fleshlight as you would with a woman or a man. There are no motorized components inside, so you or a friend will still need to operate the equipment at this point. Once you have finished, cleaning the sleeve is very important. Fortunately, the sleeve is designed to rinse easily. You simply remove the sleeve from the outer case, rinse it with water (optionally use a mild detergent), and then let it air-dry for several hours.

Competing Products

Fleshlight-wannabe products in comparison are very cheaply made and definitely not worth the price.

When the first Fleshlight was introduced over 20 years ago, it was a radical innovation. Before this there were absolutely no products of this kind for men. Inventor Steve Shubin and his company created the market and have managed to stay at the forefront of this industry ever since. This is not simply because they were first. There are many other factors as well. The first is innovation. They are one of the few companies to ever take molds of real porn actresses. They are constantly releasing new generation products like Launch and VR-capable products.

Another reason is that of product quality. The patented material that is used to make the sleeves is by far the best in the industry. It has the softest and most realistic feeling, and it is also incredibly durable. For better quality, you will pay a bit more than other brands. Because of the better quality, you have a much better experience using the product, and you will save money in the long-run by having a longer-lasting toy. If you take proper care of your Fleshlight, it should easily last a couple years, and even then you should only need to replace the sleeve at a reasonable cost.

Compared with the female adult toy market, the male adult toy market is not as competitive. Even so, ILF is one of the companies who constantly innovate to stay in the lead of the industry. They also provide exceptional customer service. As you can see by reading product reviews, most people are extremely impressed with how quickly problems were solved. They even make exceptions to shipping region-specific products across continents, merely to satisfy long-term customers.

When you have a company who does so much to meet the needs of their customers, creating quality products, providing excellent customer service, and constantly innovating, it is no wonder that their customers keep coming back time and again. Considering the benefits brought about by this product, we believe you deserve the best solution, not simply the cheapest.

Fleshlight Review Verdict

Fleshlight adult toys made by Interactive Life Form have a reputation for being amazing, and that is why they have been able to stay ahead of any competition. Because of their innovation and customer satisfaction, competitors have not found an area where they can do better.

Size, textures, and entries are all things that vary among Fleshlight products. The quality, however, remains consistently high. In these fleshlight reviews, we have given recommendations based on who you are as a user.

What is your need? An intro product, something realistic feeling, or is the look more important, or are you needing to improve your stamina? All of these cases have been covered. Stick with our recommendations and you will find a good fit. Finally, remember to care for your Fleshlight, and it will give you many years of satisfaction.

Hopefully, with a more open discussion of male-oriented adult toys and articles such as this, we can bring these products to the forefront of discussion that has been for too long focused entirely on female-oriented adult toys. As more guys hear about and are comfortable using these products, perhaps we can even have more peace in the world!