Best Online Dating Sites in Indonesia (Free & Paid)

best indonesian dating sitesA great way to get familiar with Indonesia and its culture is by getting a local female companion; she can act as your romantic tour guide. Because Indonesian culture and religion is very different and can be confusing to outsiders, meeting local women can be challenging.

Luckily the technology of dating sites makes it easier but you gotta know which sites to at, many sites are full of prostitutes, transsexuals or simply have fake profiles. As someone who lived in Indonesia used this technology first hand and knows its pitfalls, I wanted to create a guide on some of the more successful dating sites in Indonesia.

The more foreigners that know about the best Indonesian dating sites, the better their chances will be to meet that local girl who will make sure they have an amazing experience in Indonesia. Make sure to read until the end to get a good idea of what options are worth your time and which aren’t…

Best Indonesian Dating Sites

This Indonesian dating website is mostly designed for a very specific demographic. This could be considered a benefit since the site is designed for the more mature gentleman that might be looking for a younger Indonesian beauty to take care of while she gives him her companionship, with even the possibility of eventually getting married. This site makes it easier to look for that dynamic rather than wading through all the options in apps. It is the site is better suited for men ready to settle down and not just casually date (you can read more in my Indonesian Cupid review).

The girls on this site are looking for someone to take care of them, so they are very willing to seek you out and start taking to you. Their eagerness makes it much easier to find a match as well as increasing the odds that when you write them they will for sure reciprocate, thus getting the conversation and romance started.

Because it is a very popular dating site, there is a large amount of personality and physical diversity, so chances are you can find what you’re looking for in a woman. Furthermore because the site is so popular women are going to compete to get noticed, thus the site is full of high quality women trying their hardest to get your attention.

It is always a plus when good quality doesn’t cost much and this dating site is a great example of that. It is a very price friendly option, this again contributes to its popularity with expats and Indonesian women alike, if something is cheap and good quality how would it not attract numerous high quality members?


taggedBelieve it or not, one of the most popular ways singles are meeting online in Indonesia is by using a US company. is a San Francisco based social media platform designed to allow its members to interact by sharing interests, gaming, and chatting with more focus on using social media as a means of creating natural romantic relationships.

Tagged is ok for someone who is not familiar with Indonesian culture because it creates an organic environment that allows users to naturally get to know each other while at same time creating the social separation of social media. Basically it allows for girls to get to know you better without any pressure on either side. Since Indonesia is in some ways very conservative it is perfect loophole of flirting without coming on too strong and later creating a rapport the girls you like.

Tagged also has quite a wide variety. There are many singles looking for different things, some of them are looking for hook ups and others for something more serious. This platform allows you to explore the possibilities and increase your chances of finding someone who wants the same thing.

In the end though I found that there were a lot of time wasters on this site and none of them ended up meeting so I won’t be trying it again.


baddooIf you like the social media concept of dating but want a platform dedicated to just dating, Badoo is a very good option. In fact it is the largest social media based dating platform to date and is very popular in Indonesia. The girls on here are definitely less conservative than the ones on Tagged but that just means its more focused on casual dating.

Badoo like its other social media counterparts is free to use but does have premium features available if want to make it easier to meet girls.
Another benefit of Badoo is its awesome interface and user tools. Not only does it create an environment which makes its super easy to meet girls, once you meet them you can easily talk to them with features like IMing and video chat.

Badoo would be better suited for users looking to casual dating or individuals who have more time to dedicate to looking through a wide selection of potential partners in a setting like social media

How to Choose an Indonesian Dating Site

What Kind of Relationship Do You Want?

When selecting which site is best for you, there are many aspects to be considered before making your final choice. One of the most important is what kind of dating do you want?

Do you want more casual dating that can be found on something like a social media platform or are you ready for something more serious like the relationships found on IndonesianCupid. This is first question you need to ask, it will give you a better frame of reference as to what time is best for your individual needs.

How Much Time Do You Want to Invest?

indonesian datingDating can be time consuming, so after you established what sort of relationship you want you have to establish how you want to get it. Do want a site that has a fast direct approach to finding a match or would you prefer to take your time and casually browse through many options using a limited amount of features but relies mostly on luck or putting forth more effort.

Dating Culture in Indonesia

Because Indonesian culture is usually more different than what foreigners are used to, it’s good to consider the dynamics and user interaction of each site. If you feel you understand Indonesian fairly well maybe you should use a site that allows you to talk to them open and freely, but maybe if you’re still getting used to Indonesian culture maybe it would be better to practice a little on a site that has more casual and subtle ways of talking to Indonesian women.

Conclusion on Indonesian Dating Sites

Language and cultural barriers sometimes make it difficult to date in societies like Indonesia. Dating sites permit many of these barriers to be overcome and increase the overall understanding of Indonesian women and having success with them. Remember Indonesia is a much more conservative culture so online dating allows foreigners to get to know these girls by a slower means.

It should be noted a that big advantage of the best Indonesian dating sites is most of the users are women already looking for foreigners, therefore instead of having to go out meet locals foreigners can use these sites as a direct means of finding a girl who is already looking for someone like them.

If you decide to use these websites use them well, maximize your potential and the tools the site gives you and to eventually find that girl who makes Indonesia even more amazing.