What is the Best Japanese Dating Site for Foreigners?

japanese woman smilingIs dating dead? Not when you look abroad! These days more and more men are going abroad when it comes time to find a wife or serious relationship. Some countries are more popular than others for this.

Japan, in particular, is one of the most popular countries where guys look to find a good woman. I myself have lived in both Tokyo and Osaka for periods of time and have quite a bit of experience with Japanese girls.

It’s no secret these days that everyone’s online and the best Japanese dating sites are a good way to meet them. The bad thing is that some sites are rip-offs and plagued with fake members. However, there are a couple legitimate ones that I’m going to share with you. Read my Japanese dating website reviews to learn which ones are worth the time and effort…

Best Japanese Dating Sites for Foreigners (Gaijin)


This site is by far the best option you have when you want to date Japanese women. I’ve used it numerous times over the years and met some very high-quality girls in Japan.

The site is run by the Cupid Media group which if you aren’t familiar with is one of the most reputable companies for country-specific dating.

It has the largest amount of members and there are more than enough to go around, trust me;) Whether you want to date numerous women or find your future wife you can read my Japan Cupid review to find out more.

Why Use a Japanese Dating Site or App?

Some guys are skeptical when it comes to finding love online. These days though it’s the by far the fastest way to find your future wife. Times have changed and you can find the most available women online.

It’s super easy to just sign up and start browsing the tons of available women.

What Kind of Women are on Japanese Dating Sites?

Good Women (Marriage Material)

nice girlThe vast majority (around 80%) of the women you’ll find are good women that are looking to find a serious relationship or husband. Overall Japanese girls are submissive, caring, sweet and traditional. This makes them perfect to settle down with.

If this sounds like the type of woman that you’re looking for you can’t go wrong signing up for our recommended dating site, there are lots on there. Most are willing to move abroad too if things get serious.

Foreigner (Gaijin) Hunters

girl in bikiniIn case you aren’t familiar with the culture in this part of the world, I’ll give a quick rundown. Over here, white men have high status and are considered attractive to girls for many reasons. That’s why when guys from western countries travel abroad they have many more options than back in their home countries. Trust me, it’s completely different over in here than America.

The word for foreigner in Japanese is gaijin. So a gaijin hunter is a girl that loves foreign men. They are usually a bit more promiscuous than the average Japanese woman. This could be a good thing depending on your game plan for dating.

It’s fairly common for them to message you first on dating sites and even pursue you. They are very keen to meet and you can have some good times with them.

Can You Use Japanese Dating Sites Outside of Japan?

A lot of guys wonder if there’s a point in using one of these sites outside of Japan. The answer is YES! Some Japanese dating websites market their sites in the Japanese language so the girls are able to find them very easily when they are traveling or living abroad.

If you are in America there are lots of women in New York City, Los Angeles, and all the other main cities.

In the UK there are women in London and other bigger cities, including Ireland.

In Canada, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and other major cities have lots of available women.

Australia, Singapore, Philippines and other countries are also covered quite well. In fact Filipino guys I’ve talked to have had great success with the Japanese ladies.

Are There Scams on Japanese Dating Sites?

Some people might be hesitant to sign up in fear of being scammed. The good thing is that if you stick with my recommendations you’re all good. I would stay away from the smaller dodgy sites though. They are plagued with fake profiles and other garbage.

The Verdict on Japanese Dating Websites

Overall if you want to meet a good Japanese woman then you need to go online. Dating sites make it so convenient to meet them and you really can’t go wrong if you stick with my recommendations. Whether you’re interested in getting laid or finding your future wife there will be plenty of women for you. You can also see options in other countries are available too.