Best Latin Dating Sites: Top Legit Spanish Websites

hot girl from south americaLatin America is a top destination for men that are fed up with dating in the west. Latin women have a certain fiery passion to them that draws in guys from all over the world every year.

I have personally traveled in quite a few Latin American countries over the years and if you guys know this site you’ll know that I’ve bedded quite a few of the local women in the process.

The women I’ve met were almost all from online dating sites with a few club girls in the mix. The problem is that there are a lot of crappy dating sites for Latinas that are complete scams. So how do you know which ones are legit?

Don’t worry I got your back. I’ve tried out a bunch of different methods over the years and want to share some goldmines with you. Read my reviews of the best Latin dating sites and find out how to find the hottest latina women with very little effort…

Best Latin Dating Site Reviews

Below are my top picks when it comes to online dating websites for Latinas. They are rated on price, quality of women, and ease of use.

This Latin dating website is a top pick on the list for so many reasons. First of all, it’s run by the reputable Cupid Media company that has been around a long time. I’ve tried many of the sites run by this company and they were all very good.

There are a good variety of women on here so whether you want to play the field or find your future wife, you have the best chance on here.

They have a huge hold on the market and you can’t really go wrong signing up to one of their sites. Don’t believe me? You can read my full Latin American Cupid review for more information.

This is a smaller, less well know dating site than some others but it’s still worth a punt. There are some decent looking girls that you can find if you look hard enough.

For those that don’t know, the word “amigo” means friend in the Spanish language. This site is another option if you are looking for a South American dating website. The girls on here aren’t as good looking as the first option but it can be worth a shot.

How to Choose a South American Dating Website

girl with curves

Latinas have great curves!

If you want to have success on a dating site for Latinas you’ll want to keep reading to avoid all the pitfalls.


When you want to sign up for a site you want it to be easy to use. There should be advanced search features to easily find the women that you want. Time is money and you don’t want to waste your time on a crappy site.

Quality of Latina Women

Obviously, you want to have lots of variety on your Latino dating site. You’ll want to choose a site with a huge number of members. The more members there are the more hot girls there will be, it’s just simple statistics 😉

Moderation (Prevent Scams)

Have you ever heard of Latin dating site scams? These are quite rare but mainly occur on smaller dodgy sites that have poor moderation. These sites have terrible or maybe even no moderation whatsoever. As long as you stick with my number one recommendation you’ll have no problems.


girl smiling

Definitely worth a couple $ per day :p

It also helps to consider the price when signing up but not in the way you think! The problem with free Latin Dating sites is they are plagued with time wasters and fake profiles. Because the site doesn’t make any money from premium members they can’t afford to have proper moderation. This leads to scammers and other crap that is screened out with paid dating sites like my number one pick.

Plus the cost is quite low if you think about it. If you sign up for a year in advance you’ll end up spending less than a dollar a day. For monthly it still ends up at less than a 1.50/day. This is certainly cheaper than dating a western woman who expects a $100 date minimum! There are also other benefits of paid memberships that save you a ton of time.

South American Countries to Choose From

The great thing about Latin America is that all the countries and the women in them are unique. You can check out our guides for Latin dating sites and specific countries.


This is the most popular country for dating in South America by far. The women are legendary around the world for their natural beauty. You can read about the best Colombian dating sites for more information.

Latin Dating Site Reviews Conclusion

That concludes my guide to finding a legitimate Latin online dating website. Overall most are pretty poor quality but if you stick with my number one pick you won’t be disappointed. Click the button below to sign up today for free!