Best Thai Online Dating Websites: Avoid the Scams

thaiThere’s a reason that Thai dating websites are so popular. Thai women are simply amazing and among my favorites in the region. My whole introduction to traveling started with a vacation to Thailand. I still visit there at least once a year, and the ladies are the main reason for that.

I’m not the only guy that feels this way, as the number of online dating sites catering to Thai women and foreign men has exploded over the last few years. As more sites pop up it becomes harder and harder to filter out the bad ones.

That’s why I’m writing this article. To help you guys sort through the bullshit and choose the best one for your needs. I have years of experience with these sites, as well as Thai women in general so I feel I can help out a lot in this area.

So sit back, crack a beer and read about the sites that will have you meeting your ideal women in no time.

Best Online Dating Websites for Thai Women

There really is only a few sites worth mentioning. A lot of the others have way too many fake profiles and other issues.

1. ThaiCupid

This is the best online dating site in Thailand by far. The site is run by a great company (CupidMedia) that has a lot of different high-quality sites. Like I mention in my Thai Cupid review I’ve personally used the site many times and it never disappoints. The women are gorgeous and speak a good level of English that isn’t so common on the smaller sites.

It’s very easy to navigate and get started. You can also search for your ideal woman with great accuracy thanks to the awesome search features. Whether you want to find a good girl for something serious or a party girl for some fun, you can easily narrow down the results.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can send unlimited messages to them as long as you upgrade to a paid plan. The free plan only allows browsing. Trust me, when you get hotties start viewing your profile there’s no way you don’t send them a message.

2. ThaiFriendly

thaifriendlyThis is technically the largest free dating site in the country. It has a few differences to others that I’ll go over. One is that being a site with free features it attracts a less serious crowd than Cupid. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on what your goals are.

Also, like I mention in my Thai Friendly review the girls on there tend to be lower quality. The difference is fairly noticeable. On the plus side, they are also very likely to want to party if you catch my drift;) This is because a lot of the girls are in the 20-30 age range.

Another crappy thing is that you can only send a message every 15 minutes for free. This is ok to start but I quickly got frustrated and upgraded as I lost so much time waiting while my inbox got blown up. If you’re a man that values his time at all then getting a paid plan for any site is a no-brainer. We’ve got business to take care of!

How to Use Thai Dating Sites Properly

Using these websites can be a great way to meet some quality Thai women. The problem is that most guys screw it up with stupid mistakes.

Use Good Pictures

cute thai girlThe average guy on Thai dating websites uses garbage photos that give the girls no idea about you or your life. If you even have 5 good photos that show you with friends then you are ahead of 80% of the guys on there. Getting professional photos where you’re dressed nicely will put you in the top 10% of guys on the site. 

Be polite

One of the number one ways that guys screw up with Thai women is by getting aggressive and talking dirty too fast. Sure you might want to get laid but you gotta play it the right way. Thai girls are known for being “easy going” when it comes to sex but they are not ok with dirty talking with guys they haven’t met. Just be polite and funny and you will have good success.

It’s a Numbers Game

Lot’s of guys give up way too early when it comes to dating. They send out a few messages and if they don’t receive a response right away they get discouraged and quit. You need to play the numbers game on Thai dating sites. Not every girl will respond and that’s fine because some definitely will.

The Verdict on Dating Sites for Thai Women

Overall, if you’re looking to find some quality Thai women that will be down to meet you then online dating is by far the best option. We live in such an amazing time, where you can simply log onto a website and be exposed to countless beautiful women that are eager to meet you.

Make sure to take advantage of this and get started today with dating online.