2019’s Best Ukrainian Dating Sites: Top Legit Website Reviews

nice smileEver wonder why guys fly around the world to visit Ukraine? There’s no mistake that the girls there are something special.

You may wonder what’s the best way to go about meeting some girls? The answer is on a Ukrainian dating website. Nowadays everyone is online, including the girls. They are usually busy with their jobs so they have to go online to try and find a foreign man.

Dating sites are by far the best place to find a hot girlfriend or wife, but how do you know which ones are legitimate? There are so many nowadays and let’s face it, some of them look like complete scams.

Over the years I’ve had lots of experience traveling and living in Ukraine so I’m writing this article to show you guys what the best Ukraine dating sites are so you can avoid all the scams…

The Best Ukraine Dating Sites

Below are the only legit sites that I can recommend to you guys. I’ve tested both and was able to have some success;)


The undisputed champion when it comes to these sites is Ukraine date. This site is run by the Cupid Media group that we speak so highly about on this site. They have a lot of different sites for different parts of the world and the Ukraine site is one of the best.

The girls on there are honestly some of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen. There are lots of things that I want to cover about this site so make sure to read until the end of my Ukraine Date review.


If you’re looking for something a bit more exclusive and don’t mind paying for it then Anastasia Date might be the right option for you. It’s not that much more expensive and has the benefit of having girls from other countries on there as well.

Lots of people report that they were able to find what they were looking for on this site, including me:) You can read my full AnastasiaDate review for more information about what to expect on this site.

How to Avoid Scams on Ukraine Dating Websites

Every dating site has at least one scammer on it. This is simply unavoidable. However, I can say with confidence that Ukrainedate has by far the best moderation and filtering to keep these types of lowlifes out. I’m going to give a few quick tips so that you guys can avoid getting scammed.

Take Things Slow

When doing any kind of online dating you want to make sure that who you’re talking to is who she says she is. You never really know what she’s like until you’ve met her in person. Make sure not to invest anything in someone you don’t know and never send money to a girl you have only spoken to online which brings me to my next point.

Don’t Send Money on a Ukrainian Dating Site

pretty girlIf you haven’t met her yet, then she’s still technically a stranger. No matter how beautiful she may be, don’t send money to girls that you don’t know in person and haven’t invested in you.

This might seem like common sense but I’ve read of men getting screwed over before, so I’m just looking out for some of you guys that might be new to the world of international dating.

What to Look for in a Ukrainian Dating Site

In your search for the best Ukraine dating site, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider.

Ease of Use

A lot of sites are outdated and hard to navigate. You want to avoid these at all costs. Time is money and you don’t want to be wasting your day trying to narrow your search down with a bunch of inadequate filters.

Better to stick with the sites that I recommend and have field tested. Their interface is much more user-friendly and easy to get navigate.

Legitimate Company

You want to use a company that has been around for a long time because there are a lot of shady sites out there. The ones I recommend the most has been around for ages and proven themselves to be legit time and time again.

Quality Members

Obviously, you want whatever website you sign up with to have some beautiful women. I can’t speak for other sites but I fully stand by the ones I recommend. You can click the button below to sign up for my number one recommendation for free to check it out!