Best Vietnamese Dating Sites Online: Top Legit Site & App Reviews

the best vietnamese dating sites

Wondering what the best Vietnamese dating site is? Online dating has exploded in popularity over the years and it seems there are new dating websites popping up all the time catering to all

How do you know if they are legit or a scam though? Let’s face it, some dating sites for Vietnamese women look straight up dodgy. Between the fake profiles and the ladyboys, it can be hard to find any quality ladies.

That’s where I can help you. I’m a veteran world traveler and have spent many years in not only Vietnam but all over the area. I wrote this article because I’ve tried a few online dating websites for Viet women over the years, and I want to give you my honest views on which are worth the money and which are scams…

4 Best Dating Sites in Vietnam

1. Vietnam Cupid

This is by far the best Vietnam dating website. You can read my full VietnamCupid review for a full breakdown, but in summary, it’s a huge site with a ton of variety and has the highest-quality women out of anywhere online!

Every time I go to Vietnam I make sure to sign up for the platinum membership and line up a few dates without even being in the country. By the time I get there I’ve got it narrowed down to a couple stunners that are eager to meet. Then I pick my favorites and have a great time dating some high-quality girls.

It’s free to sign up, although you can’t send any messages. The good news is that for less than the price of one date in America, you can get unlimited messaging capabilities and start finding some high-quality women that are eager to meet you. I’m telling you, it won’t take long either;)

2. Second Best Site

This site doesn’t cater exclusively to Vietnam but to the entire continent. Regardless, when I went on there I still got messages from Viet girls constantly. This site is owned by the same company that runs Vietnamcupid (Cupid Media). They are a great company and I’ve had success on lots of their sites over the years.

Just like all the others, it’s super easy to get started and make a profile. The women are very high quality and receptive to foreign men. There is also good quality control, as it’s a paid site so a lot of the scams and fake profiles are weeded out.

Overall I give this site a high recommendation for any guy that it traveling around the area and wants to cover a few different countries. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms is another site that caters to guys looking for high-quality women. If you aren’t looking for anything serious then it might not be the best option, as a lot of the Vietnamese women on there are looking for marriage.

The blossoms company is pretty reputable and has been running since around 1995 with a lot of experience in the industry. The site is easy to sign up to and search around for lots of sexy Vietnamese ladies. Thumbs up for me!

4. Single Vietnam

My last recommendation would go to Single Vietnam. This is a site that’s worth checking out if you want something serious. Honestly, I haven’t been on there in awhile so I would have to recommend other sites over it but still thought I would give it a mention.

5. Dating Apps

I’ve tried pretty much all the dating apps like Tinder, Baddoo, Skout etc… One thing they all have in common is high competition and very low response rates from the women. I can have a woman every night of the week from a Vietnamese dating site, but on an app, I can barely even get a response!

Plus because they are free there’s no moderation. Scammers and fake profiles are abundant and there’s nothing to stop them! I’d just avoid these and not waste your time unless you’re a 25-year-old male model that doesn’t have to put in the effort to get laid.

What to Look for in a Vietnamese Dating Site

When looking around at different dating sites that cater to Vietnam women there are a few things to keep in mind.

Ease of Use

You want the site you sign up for to be easy to navigate and search for the women you want. Time is money and you don’t want to waste your time navigating a crappy site. You should be able to narrow down your searches easily.

Lots of Quality Women

Obviously, you don’t want to sign up to the dating site to find that the Vietnamese girls are all poor quality. This won’t be a problem with the sites I recommend, however, the dodgier ones only have a few low-quality women.


Overall I would highly recommend that you check out my number one option as it has something for everyone. The interface is easy to use and you can search easily with a success rate. My response rate was also a lot higher on there, most likely because there are way less fake profiles. If you want to see other countries then check them out here.