My China Love Cupid Review: Worth Your Money?

beautiful smileMen seem to be very divided on Chinese women. Some are definitely drawn to them while others flat-out say they don’t like them. If you are in the former group, then you are definitely going to need some help sorting through the many traps and pitfalls of finding girls in China.

China is a huge country with a HUGE population, mostly concentrated in the larger cities. Chinese girls are beautiful and have many wonderful qualities, but note that cultural differences should be taken into account.

In your search for women, you have most likely heard about China Love Cupid, and are now wondering if it’s legit or a scam. It’s definitely the most common one you’ll see and I get why a lot of guys are skeptical.

The good news is that I’ve traveled (and lived) extensively in China for years now. I’ve used this site a few times and want to give you the scoop in my full China Love Cupid review…

Quality of Girls On ChinaLoveCupid offers paid memberships which weed out a lot of the poor quality girls. The quality control is great compared to other free options because they have more resources to monitor accounts. Also, because it’s the biggest one out there, there are more girls to choose from. More girls means there will be more attractive ones as well!

Asia is a great place to be a guy. Even a pretty average-looking guy bats way out of his league in China. Many women, even 18 to 30-year-olds, have “any” as their preferred age of men they consider. This makes it heaven-on-earth for middle-aged guys!

Types of Girls You’ll See

Women in China are more open to meeting people in public than other Asian countries, especially foreigners. They are typically very friendly and more open to Westerner’s than any other culture. In fact, because of the positive bias that Westerners have, you will hear true stories of “white guys” being paid $2000 to pretend to play the piano at an event even though he didn’t even know how to play. He was hired only because he was white. This positive bias is also reflected by how the girls will treat you!

The Traditional Good Girl

Many of the women on China Love Cupid are looking for a long-term relationship and even marriage, a boyfriend, not a hookup. If you are looking for this kind of relationship, China is a great place to find one. The search features can help you screen through the many choices and narrow them down to a manageable amount to talk to. You can definitely find a girl that is serious about a relationship, especially one with a foreigner. These traditional girls look amazing dressed up in their “qi pao” dresses.

The Party Girl

posing with bottleChinese girls are generally not too promiscuous, although the party girls definitely are. It’s funny that even though they want to party, for many this will be their first encounter with a foreigner. So while you can have some success it might take a little longer than other countries.

Party girls might not show much skin in their pictures, but they will be a little more direct in their profiles regarding looking for a Westerner to date. You will also see pictures posted of them in a bar or club. Traditional girls will have none of these.

Are There Any Scams or Fake Accounts?

I’m happy to report that there are very few fake accounts. The screening they have stops a lot of that nonsense. Each registered user has to be tied to an actual phone number, so this eliminates people creating multiple accounts. Scams will be quite rare and most can be avoided by simply not sending any money online to anyone.

Is China Love Cupid for Real?

Yes. Definitely. It’s the real deal, not like some of the smaller crappy options out there. It is well known by in the country and there is a constant supply of new ladies signing up every day! Other sites do shady things like send out mass messages from “featured” girls and ask people to pay money to reply to them. These poor guys think a stunner is messaging them to chat and maybe meet up, but it’s nowhere near the truth. China Love Cupid doesn’t participate in these types of scams.

Why Get the Paid Version?

The paid version is definitely recommended. As previously mentioned, the money goes to helping filter out a lot of the spam and fake accounts. In addition, you are extremely limited with the free version. For example, you can only send one message every 15 minutes. The features in the paid version will allow you to find a girl perhaps 5 times faster than if you don’t.

Here is a summary of each Membership Level

Standard – Create a profile, upload photos, browse recommended matches, search for matches, send interest to any member, communicate with Gold and Platinum members

Gold – All of the above, plus: Communicate with all members, audio/video chat, Instant Messaging, ad-free browsing, anonymous browsing

Platinum – All of the above, plus: Better ranking in searches, VIP profile highlighting, extra profile space, access to advanced matching algorithms, message translation, extended search capabilities.


  • Send unlimited messages
  • Advanced search functions
  • The best way to find you a girl!
  • Easiest way to get laid for FREE in China


  • Severely limited search functions
  • Can’t really message other members

Much Cheaper Than Western Women

girl on couchAn average date in the USA can easily cost around $100 by the time you eat dinner and have a few drinks. Compare this to China where everything is super-cheap, and a date can cost less than $20. Having a long-term girlfriend can save even more money. Besides not having to pay for sex, you can split expenses by living together.

Also, Chinese women in larger cities work for a living, so they are used to paying their own way. They will often buy you gifts and treat you to meals.

Of course, there are princesses in China. They are looking for a sugar-daddy to shower them with gifts and lavish dinners. These girls are just not worth it. Besides being high maintenance, they just don’t have skills in the bedroom to make this deal worth it, unless having a stunning, useless girl on your arm is what you are looking for.

Good for Setting Up Dates in Advance

“Pipelining” is when you start setting up dates prior to your arrival in a foreign country. If you use Chinese Cupid, you will have no problem keeping your pipeline full of potential dates. When you are planning your first trip to China, sign up, set up your profile and start messaging the girls you like. You will almost immediately begin receiving responses.

After paying for the premium features, start messaging your preferences and set up dates with some incredible local women! When you arrive you will also benefit from having a sweet local girl help you out with day-to-day tasks like finding a good hotel and avoiding all the scams aimed at tourists.

China Love Cupid Review Conclusion

There are so many girls on here that it would be impossible to talk to them all. We have covered the benefits of paying for premium features, and how to setup an account even before landing in-country.

You also know the different types of girls available, so you should be able to filter out the girls who are not compatible with you. Whether you are looking for a wife or just playing the field, you will be able to find women in either camp. All these reasons are why I think it’s the best Chinese dating site. The choice is yours. Give it a shot today!