An Honest Colombian Cupid Review: Worth It or Not?

girl taking selfieAre you looking for a way to talk with some Colombian beauties? If so, you have probably come across A quick search reveals there are many guys who have given reviews of it, but how do you know if they have actually tried it or not?

With so many opinions out there as well as a lot of scams to beware of, you are probably wondering how this one site stacks up against the others? Well, that is what I’m about to cover.

I’ve actually been to South America and to Colombia in particular, traveling in the region for extended periods of time over the last 10+ years. So you can read about my first-hand experiences as I reveal the good, the bad and the ugly in my Colombian Cupid review…

The Three Types of Colombian Cupid Girls

Let’s start with the women first. Colombian women are beyond description and really shouldn’t be lumped under a single description, but I’ll give you the scoop on the most common types. On there, you will find a wide variety of women with most being above average looking with a few stunners mixed in.

Besides looks, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most were well educated and spoke decent English. This can definitely help if your Spanish is really poor. Maybe you’re not looking for extended conversation, but some topics are difficult to talk about if you have to use Google translate the entire date in order to communicate.

It is worth noting that identifying the motives of the women you will encounter on Colombian Cupid, or any other dating site, can be just as important as identifying your purpose in searching for them. Arm yourself with a little bit of information here, and be better prepared to reach your goals.


gringo huntersThe word “gringo” has its roots in the area from a time when these underdeveloped countries would express their distaste towards unwelcome American army men present in their streets by chanting “green go” in broken English. Fortunately, the countries involved have since left behind the negative emotions tied to the word “gringo”, and have adopted its use to mean foreigner, outsider, or Westerner.

In the same way that many men prefer women of a certain color, size, or look, there are many girls on Colombian Cupid that prefer the Western look. So much so that they will turn the tables and actively pursue you, effectively hunting you down. Lots of guys call them Gringo-Hunters which is a fitting name.

Gringo-Hunters are fairly easy to spot as their Colombian Cupid profiles will be sexual and they will be very receptive to your messages. You will find that blond hair and blue eyes will add a couple of points at least to your attractiveness value. According to the law of supply and demand, you are a rare commodity. Even if you have dark hair but still have fair skin, it will still set you ahead of the local men.

Curious Girls

Many women do not actively seek out “gringos”, but nonetheless they find themselves drawn to you. Out of curiosity, they will be more receptive to your messages, and they will also give you the benefit of the doubt when arranging to meet you somewhere. They will have a higher level of trust with you initially compared with a local man. This can definitely open the doors for you to explore your differences over many encounters. Keep in mind though that there are always many challenges to any relationship.

Relationship Seekers

There are many girls on Colombian Cupid who are not just curious but are convinced that they want to fall in love with a foreign man. If you are also looking for a serious relationship, you won’t have any trouble finding this type of woman. There are many examples of guys who have married Colombian women that they met on a dating site in Colombia. A relationship-seeker is distinguishable because she will make you wait longer to have sex, but we can definitely report that the wait is well worth it, they are very passionate!

The Pros of ColombianCupid

posing for photoThere are numerous reasons why we prefer Colombian Cupid over other the garbage apps with spammers and fake profiles. Here are a few of the positives aspects that can help you make a good choice when weighing your options of whether to sign up or not.

Colombians Like Foreigners

Just like in many other countries, as a Westerner, you have a lot more status with the Colombian ladies. As previously mentioned, you rise to the top in their eyes and also in their searches on Colombian Cupid. This is great as there are many more ladies that are keen to meet you.

Lots of Members

According to the statistical distribution, the more women who are available, the more *hot* women will be there as well. This applies doubly for Colombian Cupid which already seems to have a disproportionately high percentage of super-hot women. The huge selection of members on the website ensures that we never run out of women to talk to.

Geo Arbitrage

Geo-arbitrage is a fancy term that simply means that if you choose to live or vacation in South America, you can live on much less money than in a Western country. For example, for about US$1500 you can live very comfortably in most South American countries, definitely including Colombia where you can live like a king!

The Cons of ColombianCupid

Even though there are so many good things related to dating Colombian women, nothing is a fairytale. Which means that nothing is perfect. There are a couple of things to consider when using the Colombian Cupid website.

Becoming Distracted

If you are a businessman, then make sure that you keep working on your work and your business relationships. Having beautiful and intelligent girls from Colombian Cupid wanting to talk to you all day can be distracting. If you aren’t used to having this much status, it can often be overwhelming, so don’t forget to take care of business first!

The bottom line is to have a balance between work and play. With a little self-control, you should be able to manage. My suggestion is limiting your time on Colombia Cupid to 2 hours per day. Any more than that and you will be overwhelmed with attention and probably find it difficult to juggle your duties.

The Cost

woman taking photoMany complain that Colombian Cupid costs money to use. Even though it is free to signup and search for girls, many features such as messaging require a monthly fee. This is actually not a negative. Colombian culture is still traditional, so when taking women out on dates, there will always be an expense. Paying a minimal membership fee to allow for moderators on the site to remove spam and fake profiles will actually provide you with a better experience on the site, and also allow you to find suitable matches without wasting money on dinners that fizzled.

Signing up for the platinum membership will only cost between $12 and $40 per month depending on how many months you pre-pay. This equates to less than 50 cents per day for a 12-month membership. Setting aside the amount of money saved on dinners that led to a lonely taxi ride home, how much is your time worth? Put a little money in up front to reduce these problems and increase your success in finding quality, suitable women.

Is Colombian Cupid a Scam?

No, because if you follow this one rule, you cannot get scammed out of your money: Don’t send money to women you haven’t met before in person! It is as simple as that! A scammer will resist even talking on Skype with you, so if you have that experience, it should be taken as a red flag.

My Colombian Cupid Review – The Verdict

For those of us who have spent a lot of time in Colombia, this is my go-to option for the area. As you can see from my Colombian Cupid review it’s easy to use and has great advanced search and communication features. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!