Seven Tips to Seduce Hot Colombian Girls

gringo huntersI can personally say that from the time I lived in Medellin that Colombia has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. So how can you get with one of these legendary Colombianas? What if you don’t speak Spanish; you don’t have Latin charm and don’t even dance salsa.

What do you do? Give up? Hell no! My friend, what if I told you that your lack of language and dance skills wouldn’t matter, that there are still ways you can still bag one of these Colombian beauties.

The type of game you will need is a bit different from the type you would use on American women but if you keep reading I will tell you everything you need to know for how to game and have sex with hot Colombian girls. 

1. Use Spanish or Lack of Spanish

When I lived in Colombia I did speak Spanish so that helped in talking and getting to know girls there. I did have friends who didn’t speak Spanish but routinely got with many hot girls.

If you’re foreigner Colombian girls don’t expect you to speak Spanish. In fact they actually find it actually cute to watch you try. You can use this cuteness as a way of being endearing.

Also many of the girls you meet online want to practice English and see you as a great opportunity to do so, so use this as an icebreaker or as part of the charm of talking to you. Remember you speak English that is an asset.

When talking isn’t an option we communicate with touch and body language, Latin culture is already more touchy than other cultures so use physical communication instead of verbal expression as a way for her to get more comfortable with you and decrease physical boundaries.

PRO TIP: Get a really good language translating app and look up dirty or bad words on the date. I’ve used this in many countries with GREAT success. They are guaranteed to start laughing when you mispronounce a swear word! 

2. Get into Dancing

salsa dancingExpressing yourself on the dance floor is a big part of the culture. A Colombian woman will consider it a huge plus if the guy can dance, so if you can dance take her to the dance floor and move, she will find it sexy as hell.

If you feel you can’t dance that’s ok too, Colombian girls like being what I like to call ‘the dance teacher’, they love sharing this part of their culture with you and will want to teach how to dance.

Like Spanish they will find it endearing if you can’t dance but if you are still trying. So use dancing as sex appeal or charm, either way she’ll love it. If there’s alcohol involved on the date even better!

3. Be Assertive but Not Aggressive

Colombian women tend to prefer foreigners because they like respect, Colombian men do not have a reputation for being respectful, I confirmed after several conversations with many girls. It was sad how many of them had never met their Dad.

They like a man, one who takes charge of the situation and is respectful but not a guy who is overbearing and machismo. It’s a balancing game you gotta learn if you want to play with a Colombian. So be respectful but take charge make the big decisions or she won’t take you seriously and don’t be disrespectful or pushy with her otherwise you will scare her off.

4. Colombian Girls are Flaky

More than one time, I would have set up a date and I shit you not the girl would cancel sometimes with literally 30 minutes to go, this would even happen multiple times with the same girl. Sometimes we would make plans and the girl wouldn’t even show….

Listen closely…in the United States this usually means a girl doesn’t respect you or is saying she is not interested but didn’t have the courage to tell you. If you manage to score a date with a Colombian girl and she does this it literally means something did come up or she got busy, this does not necessarily mean she is disinterested.

The point is NOT to get mad about it, don’t even react to it, just play it cool and pretend like it doesn’t bother you. Pretending like it doesn’t bother you can be used as a way of playing hard to get, I know this works based on personal experience.

If you do react negatively or get pissy about her flaking out, she will think you are overreacting and overbearing, you will kill any chance you have with her, I also say this from personally experience.

So learn from my mistakes and turn something irritating into an advantage.

5. Offer to Pay

exotic womanIn a land where the average person makes roughly $26,000 Colombian Pesos a day or $8 US dollars, a little effort goes a long way. Offer to pay for most everything when you first see her. Not only is it expected in their culture but she will greatly appreciate that you are treating her well.

And let’s be honest because of that currency exchange it means more to them than it does to us. Improve your chances and don’t be a cheapskate

6. Play Hard to Get

This kinda plays into tip #3 and #4 but Colombian girls do have a reputation for being flakey and flighty and based on my adventures, I will say it is 100% true.

If you let this bother you or if you’re too pushy about this with her you will not succeed and she’ll stop talking to you. The trick is to find a balance between being attentive and stand-offish.

Don’t text her too much and don’t jump into the idea of a date too fast, Colombian culture is very indirect and even more so with dating, so don’t be direct about her coming over or going out at first.

Sort of hint at it, act like you don’t care too much and let her come to you, then when the time is right you make your move.

They love flirting and the build of up of flirtation and allowing her to be curious about you will generate the energy and interest she has in you, this is what will make her desire you.

7. Colombian Girls Like a Good Sense of Humor

It is normal to make fun of yourself as a form of humor, and it is considered culturally as a sign of confidence. The girls will love it and be attracted to your confidence.

I know everyone says girls love a guy with a sense of humor but this is more true in Colombia.

Girls there love to laugh and in general are very playful, use that humor to bring out that playful side and she will love it.

The Verdict on Colombian Women

woman taking photoDuring my time in Colombia I dated all types of girls, it is true what they say about fiery Latinas(in more ways than one)…if you are lucky enough to sleep with or date a Columbian girl she will treat you right. Once she gets comfortable with you, it will soon be obvious how all that energy that has been building up will be expressed sexually.

In general they very caring and passionate, Colombian girls ruined me for girls in the U.S., they are a perfect combination of dedication and sexual energy that I never found in the United States.
If you know how talk to and approach girls there, you will have the time of your life. I was lucky enough to work remotely in Medellin but for those who aren’t I suggest you take these tips and your passport and come to Colombia ASAP. There are so many single women available on places like this.

The girls here are one of kind, their energy is contagious and they will give you experiences you’ve never had, as an expat who lived there trust me they will…
Good luck and happy travels let me know if these tips ended up working for you and how you used them.

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