An Honest FilipinoCupid Review: Is it a Scam? is one of the first things you’ll see when you search for Filipinas. Filipino Cupid is by far the largest site in the Phils with over 3.5 million members and is very popular.

The best part is there are more women then men! This means lower competition and more beauties to go around:) This is way superior to those garbage apps where you’re competing with tons of guys that are young, good looking and have money to blow. I did terribly on the apps while I consistently pull women 20 years younger on FilipinaCupid.

So you may be wondering what makes Filipino Cupid different from any of the other generic options out there. Well, that’s what I’m about to go over. I have a ton of experience on here and want to give you guys my honest opinion on whether it’s a scam or not…

Quality of Girls on Filipina Cupid

cuteWhen it comes to the quality of girls on Filipinocupid you won’t be disappointed. Not only are there more girls on here than others, but the quality is on average higher.

There are a few reasons that the quality is higher on here. One is that the moderation is very good, which eliminates a lot of fake profiles. Second, is that because Filipino Cupid costs a bit of money it attracts a higher caliber of lady that is more serious and will aggressively pursue foreign men. Scams and Fake Accounts

You might be wondering if there are any scams on Filipino Cupid and rightfully so! Sadly the Philippines is a poor country which means there are more scammers over there. The good news that I’m happy to report is that there are very few of them on Filipino Cupid.

In case you don’t know already it is run by Cupid Media, a reputable brand that’s been in business for over 15 years. Do you think a scam site would last more than 1 year let alone 15? Definitely not, which is why I’m happy to review this hidden gem for Pinay women.

When it comes to fake profiles, one thing that I noticed on philippino cupid compared to other dating sites for pinays is that I got way more responses. I didn’t realize why at first, but then it hit me that it was simply because more of the profiles were actually real women! This isn’t the case with the free options which are overrun with bots and fake profiles.

Filipino Cupid Paid or Unpaid Version?

Lots of guys wonder if they need to bother upgrading to the paid version of pilipino cupid. Well, to keep this simple, the free version doesn’t allow you to do anything except browse.

You are allowed to send messages to paid members but unfortunately, 99,9% of girls can’t afford to have a paid membership. So basically if you’re looking to actually chat and meet some girls you really should upgrade. I use the platinum version myself.

If we break down the actual cost of Filipinacupid it comes down to around 50 cents per day if you go for a year. Let me repeat that, for less than the cost of a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds you can take the first step in meeting the women of your dreams.

If you decide to go for just a month at a time then it still isn’t a huge investment. Think of how much it costs for a date in America. Shit, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on entitled, bitchy princesses and still not getting laid at the end of the night!

Think of this as an investment that will pay off big time. You’ll be thanking me when you’ve finally found a sweet, feminine Pinay that takes great care of you!

I’ve broken down the pros and cons in the list below.


  • Advanced search features to save time
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Show up higher when girls search
  • Very easy to get laid or find a girlfriend
  • Still not that expensive in the grand scheme of things


  • Basically can’t message 99.9% of girls
  • Girls think you’re poor
  • Severely limited search function

The Verdict on Filipino Cupid

Well, that concludes my Filipino cupid review. Overall this is a great option for any foreign man that’s looking to find a quality woman. No matter if you want to get laid or find a wife, there will be enough women that are interested to keep you really busy.

Don’t delay any longer, it’s time to take action and get started. Click the button below to sign up for Filipina Cupid and take the first step towards finding your dream woman.