Getting Laid in the Philippines: How Easy is it To Get a Filipina Woman?

sexIt’s no secret that the Philippines is the easiest country in the world for American and other foreign men to get laid. The deep roots of American culture make it a single man’s paradise for any man that likes the local women.

The ladies are beautiful, kind, and speak perfect English. There’s a reason why so many expats call the Philippines home. If you want to have sex with some Pinay girls you might be wondering how to get them into your bed.

In the last decade, I’ve probably bedded well over 100 girls in this country (lost track). I have quite a bit of experience with these girls so I want to help you guys cut through the bullshit. In this guide, I’m going to reveal what you need to know about getting laid in the Philippines quickly and easily…

Reasons Why Pinay Women Are Easy

First, there are a few different reasons I’ll go over why Pinay women are so easy.

Some Pinays Don’t Like Local Guys

interracial coupleSome Filipina women on online dating sites make it very clear that they prefer foreigners. They will even write in their profile that they are only looking for foreign men.

The reasons for this have a lot to do with the income disparity between locals and foreigners. The ladies feel that a foreigner can provide a better life for them than a local guy can.

Another reason is that of the huge media promotion of American pop culture. Pinay girls are constantly exposed to movie stars, pop stars and other celebrities online so they start to develop a taste for them and prefer dating them.

Also on average foreign guys are thought to treat their women better than the locals. This is further promoted online where every movie with a foreign male and Filipina makes the man look like a huge catch.

Pinay Women Have Low Expectations

Maybe you’ve been in this spot before. Your western girlfriend or wife has a birthday coming up and between the dinners, drinks, gifts, and vacations you’re starting to go broke.

This type of thing doesn’t happen with Filipina ladies. They have low standards and are happy just to be in your company. A first date can be a simple meal at a local restaurant or drinks at a local bar.

Supply and Demand

The sheer amount of single women in the Philippines is staggering. Especially in the bigger cities, there are simply so many eager ladies to choose from that you’ll never have to worry about being lonely in this country.

Where to Meet Them?

Where is the best place to meet hot Pinays that are looking for a hookup? By far the best place is online. You can click here to see my number one recommendation. This is my favorite way to pull local girls. They are serious about meeting foreigners and will often pursue you. I typically have more luck here than on apps like Tinder and Badoo because I’m in my 40’s. You’ll need to be good looking and under 30 to have good success on the apps.

You can also go out to nightclubs and bars to meet women. It’s not as efficient as online though so I rarely do this. You can just google the top bars in the city and find some good ones. PRO TIP: find the Facebook page of the club and check out their photos beforehand to see what quality of girls you can get there;)

Day game is also an option but like I said online is just so easy and efficient that I rarely do approaches during the day. The exception would be if the girl is really hot and making obvious eye contact with me. There are some guys that recommend handing out scraps of paper with their phone number on it. This can work but I’d highly recommend a proper business card instead. Trust me it will look much better this way.

Tips for Getting Laid Online in the Philippines

promiscuous girlOne of the most common mistakes a man can make is to not take the time to have a good dating profile. These days women have short attention spans that are only getting shorter. It’s crucial that you optimize your profile so you can catch their attention in the limited time that they see it.

Good Photos

It might seem un-manly but you need to take some good photos. You don’t have to wear a friggin suit and tie or anything but just make sure your appearance is clean and you smile in your photos. Do that and you’re ahead of 80% of guys.

Nice Description

When filling out your description you want to keep it easy going but vague. You don’t want to filter out any girls by getting too specific on anything. Being mysterious is an attractive quality to them and since our goal is to get laid we want to keep it mysterious.

Tactics to Get Laid FAST in the Phils

After your profile is all good you want to start sending out some messages. If you follow all the following tactics you’ll be swimming in pussy in no time.

Play the Numbers Game

pretty oriental ladyAll dating is a numbers game. As men, we are the hunters in the sexual marketplace. It’s our job to pursue the women we want and convince them to fuck us :p

You really need to put in mass volume when sending out messages. While the response rate online is pretty good, there are still going to be flakes and non-responders.

That’s unavoidable and just part of the game. The good thing is that the more you play the more you get laid when it comes to this site. You just have to accept that there will be a small amount of rejection, trust me for every 1 girl that isn’t interested in you in the Phils, there will be 10 that is.

Get Their Contact Information Fast

This is an important one guys. Girls get busy, stuff comes up and they might not log in for awhile. Within your first 3 messages, if not the first one you should be asking for their contact details. Whether that’s a Line ID, Whatsapp, Facebook, or anything else. If they’re talking to you in the first place they’ll almost always give it to you.

Screen Them

It’s no secret that girls like to use their “best photos” when it comes to the online. I’ve had dates where the girl showed up and didn’t look anything like her pics! Don’t let that happen to you. Ask for more photos or video call with them on Skype/Line.

Alcohol on the First Date

Since the goal here is to have sex, make sure to involve alcohol on the first date if possible. Don’t make the mistake of taking them for dinner. After eating you’ll both feel bloated, killing the mood.

Instead, go to a decent bar or lounge that doesn’t have music too loud. A rooftop bar is a good choice and they will think it’s romantic. I’m not saying for both of you to get pissed drunk (unless you want to) but a couple of drinks will help her to loosen up and help you get laid.

Have the Date Close to Your Place

The logistics of where you go on the first date are very important. You don’t want it to be a hassle to get back or they may bail due to time constraints. Make sure you have a clear plan for getting back to your place that won’t take more than 15 minutes.

Be Touchy With Filipino Girls

woman smilingWhile on the date you want to be fairly aggressive while still being a gentleman. Public displays of affection are fairly taboo in a lot of countries like the Philippines so it’s best to not go over the top. However, if you want to be having sex with her later you need to start escalating early on so it’s not a shock when you go for it later on.

This can be as simple as touching their back when guiding them to their seat or playfully touching their shoulder, it doesn’t take too much.

Use an Excuse if Necessary

Most of the time is the date goes well it will be implied that you’re taking her home to fuck. However, if she’s more of a good girl then you might need to make an excuse to take her back. Here are some examples:

  • Let’s go watch a movie in my room
  • Let’s go have a drink at my place, there’s a nice view
  • I need to go back to my place and charge my phone, wanna come?

It almost doesn’t matter what you say, if they’re down they’re down. They just want to have some excuse so they can rationalize going home with you;)


Getting laid in the Philippines is pretty easy if you play your cards right. Follow these tips and you’ll be balls deep in no time.