How to Get Laid in Japan: Picking Up Japanese Girls

japanese modelIt’s no secret that Japan is a pussy paradise for western men. If you’re in a bigger city like Tokyo or Osaka there are more single women than you can imagine. But how do you get them into bed? There are many cultural differences between Japan and western countries so you will need to adjust your approach to avoid striking out.

That’s where I aim to help. I’ve spent over a year living in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) and have traveled extensively as well. Let’s just say I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to Japanese girls 😉

In my getting laid in Japan guide you will learn not only where to meet the highest quality women but also how to have a high success rate by not making cultural mistakes…

Is it Easy for Foreigners to Get Laid in Japan?

Overall yes… I think there are a couple main reasons for this. The first is basic supply and demand. If a Japanese girl wants to fuck a foreign guy there are only so many to go around so your sexual market value is much higher.

The second is the whole “herbivore male” phenomenon which lowers the competition. If you’re not familiar with this it’s basically a movement of Japanese men who have completely given up on women. Kind of like MGTOW in western countries. It’s weird but it’ll make it that much easier for you to get laid in Japan with some guys opting out of the game.

Where to Meet Japanese Girls

The first step in getting laid is obviously to meet some girls. I’ll go over online as well as the nightlife and everything you need to know.


beautiful woman smilingIf you’re not online these days you’re really missing out. This is the easiest and most efficient way to meet willing Japanese girls. My personal favorite method is to use an online dating site. You can see my favorite ones here –

The reason for this is that I’ve found that the girls are much more serious about meeting than on the free options and apps.

Regarding the apps like Tinder, Scout, Badoo. These can work well if you’re a good looking younger guy. Older guys won’t have much luck on here and should just stick with the sites. Another downside to the apps is that they have no moderation and there are lots of time wasters on there. They are quite popular though so you’ll never run out of swipes in a big city like Tokyo.

Regardless of what option you choose you need to make sure you’re profile is well done. We live in a very superficial world and girls only have a split second to decide if they find you attractive or not. In a big city they are getting spammed to death by guys daily and having a good profile will help you stand out. The average guy has a terrible dating profile so if you can nail yours you will have a huge edge in Japan.

You want to have at least 5 solid pictures on there. Since our goal is to get laid you should include some shirtless pics if you have the body for it. If not then don’t sweat it just make sure you get the best pictures that you can. Hire a professional if possible.

For the description keep it brief and playful. Don’t add tons of information on what you want in a woman. This might turn off girls unnecessarily.

During the Day

shinjuku girlYou can meet a ton of hot Japanese girls during everyday life. One of the hottest women that I had sex with in Japan was a girl I met at Starbucks. You do need to have the balls to approach though or you’ll get nowhere as they aren’t going to be approaching you during the day. The good thing about day game is that you get to see exactly what they look like in person. There are no camera angles for them to hide behind. The downside is that there is the potential for rejection.

The best areas of town to find hot women is the Shinjuku area. There are tons of 9s and 10s just walking around here because of all the shopping malls and beauty stores. You can take a walk around and do some approaches, just be prepared to face some rejections. The good thing is that rejections in Japan are fairly mild. Worst case scenario they just ignore you.

Bars/Clubs (Night game)

nightlifeBars are another good way to pick up some Japanese girls. You should have a fairly high success rate because involving alcohol always increases the chances of same night lays. The downside is the logistics involved and cockblocking friends. I would recommend taking a girl you meet online out for drinks. My lay rate when doing this is about 95% as you have much more control over the situation and if the girl has agreed to meet you then she’s interested.

If you want to head out and hit the bars you should go to the Roppongi area. This is an area where Japanese girls that like foreigners (Gaijin) go to party. There will be lots of foreigners here but if you dress well they won’t be much competition. Learning some basic Japanese really helps as well with getting laid.

As for what bars to go to, the number one would be “Gas panic” by far. There will be a load of foreigner hunting Japanese sluts in here that are down to fuck. You just need to approach them and start dancing. If they are interested make sure to escalate slowly as the Japanese can be very shy in public.

Depending on the situation try and isolate the girls to pull back to your place. You should have all the logistics worked out ahead of time. If you’re a tourist then get a hotel close by. If you’re an expat then try and get the train back to your place before it closes as taxis can be pricey.

Japan Cultural Differences

Now that you know where to meet some hot Japanese women you need to avoid screwing it up with cultural misunderstandings. You obviously want to be confident and dominant but you need to make sure not to use too much western game out here.

The first thing you want to keep in mind is not to escalate too fast in public. Japanese people like their personal space and invading it too early will turn her off.

Secondly, avoid the western “neg” type game where you try and take hot girls down a peg. For one, their English simply isn’t good enough to understand sarcasm and playful teasing. Secondly, they might think it’s rude and disrespectful if they take it the wrong way.

Trust me just stick with fun, playful convo with some very light teasing and you’ll be swimming in Japanese girls.


Overall it’s pretty easy for foreigners to get pick up girls in Japan. Just make sure no to be too aggressive too soon and you’ll have the time of your life.