Indonesian Cupid Review: Worth Signing Up?

read this indonesian cupid reviewIndonesian Cupid has been said to be Indonesia’s most popular way for foreigners and Indonesian women looking for love to get together. Whether you’re in Semarang, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, or Bali it promises to be easy while allowing access to high quality girls who will never leave you lonely with the even better possibility of finding your future Indonesian wife.

Is it as amazing as it sounds? Or is it a site of all hype designed to scam lonely tourists? Read further for the full Indonesian cupid review so you can determine if it’s the right way for you to find what you’re looking for!

Quality of Girls on

girl from indonesiancupid.comLet’s be honest one of the biggest factors when signing up is the quality of girls you’re going to find on there. It claims to have a wide variety of high quality girls and to be honest, they really do. Not only are these girls high quality in hotness but in personality and education as well.

It also began to be clear that part of the variety you can find on there is not only in the different kind of girls but what they are looking for. There is every kind of romance available on this site.

Some of the members are searching for short-term romance, others long term, there are even some who are just looking for hookups. It really just depends on the experience you want, and overall the quality of girls they claim to have is a reality so this yet another ‘pro’ to consider.

Easiness in Getting a Match

girl in poolWith all these features that make it easy to find the right match how easy is it to actually find her or for her to find you? This in reality the most important question, a site can have so much to offer but if none of it works what is the point?

The answer is in two parts. First off Indonesian girls in general have a preference for foreigners over Indonesian men. To them we are exotic and if they end up getting a serious relationship from us there is a promise from for a better life. Indonesian Cupid just gives us a way to find to each other with very good results.

Once the paid barrier is broken and communication is open there will be many high quality girls looking to strike up a conversation. That’s why they’re there as well right? Right! Indonesian girls on this site are very willing to talk, flirt, and probably go out to have fun. Seriously it’s almost too easy and because there is the ability to be specific or more broad in a search the possibilities to how in depth you’ll get to know each other or in what way are endless. This is another really cool feature this site offers.

What are the Girls Like?

A side note about the girls. Religion needs to be mentioned because it plays a big part in the culture. Traditionally, Indonesia is a very conservative Muslim culture especially when it comes to dating. Casual sex and casual dating are looked down upon but don’t let this detour you.

A plus of IndonesianCupid is that it allows for a sort of cultural loophole around this, girls can present their photos and personal information indirectly without being viewed as too easy or that they are directly looking for someone to date.

If someone does manage to find her profile, there is no way to find out who she is talking to or what she is talking abou and because it is digital the speed of getting to each other is much more slow and by taking things the odds of success are actually increased.

Overall based on experience, just because a girl is religious does not mean she won’t want to talk to you and with the wide variety of girls on here, chances are you’ll find one religious or not.

Paid or Unpaid?

woman taking selfieThere are two versions of IndonesianCupid, the paid version and the unpaid version, although many tourist goes to Indonesia for an amazing but cheap experience please don’t let this be something that you cheap out on. The paid version is highly suggested, pretty much the only thing you can do on the free version is look at profiles.

So if you’re looking for a high quality free site, then this isn’t the site for you. This may be a con to some but really the paid version is not that expensive when you factor in how much it would cost to date in the west.

If you decide you feel like paying for a membership, then get ready for a good time. Prostitutes and lady boys looking for unsuspecting tourists are not likely to pay for the site so you won’t have to worry about them anymore as the moderation is quite good.

Now then, the features available in the paid version are really going to help in accessing these higher quality matches. Not only will there be the ability to send unlimited amount of messages to an unlimited amount of girls, there will also be functions available that give the user the ability to do things like being able to conduct broad searches by distance or by city, or, to really get into the specific preferences there is also the functions like being able to search by physical features such as height, weight or even religion.

There is the possibility to get very specific and the site is not hard to use at all, these tools are very easy to implement.

The Verdict

IndonesianCupid shouldn’t be looked at as just a simple site it should be looked at as a tool to help a foreigner and his Indonesian girl find each other. It makes many claims and in the end, I would agree that it’s the best Indonesian dating site there is.

Part of its success is how its structured to really take into account how Indonesian women and foreigners looking for them think. It really makes it easy to find a match, to communicate, and to keep up the conversation and after a more in depth look, it can be determined that many legitimate marriages, relationships, and casual hookups have come out of it.

IndonesianCupid really gives access to so many possibilities and the ability to have a unique experience, so the only limits are what the user is looking for.

Not only is there a real high probability to find something really special but this site proves to be a great way to get to know Indonesia and its culture better, for sure you’re girl will want to share everything her country has to offer. You’ll not just get a girlfriend but a great tour guide. claims to be popular and easy to use, after this in depth look it can be said that there is a strong argument for that claim. So what do you think? I hope that my Indonesian Cupid review answered all your questions. It’s definitely worth a try to find out, happy travels.