International Cupid Review: My Personal Experiences

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She’s foreign;)

In your search for a good way to meet foreign babes, you have most likely heard of the International Cupid. It is run by the Cupid Media group and is marketed towards men that are looking to date, international women.

Some guys are looking to find some foreign women in their home country while others are looking to find women in other countries. Is a place good to find women though? That’s the question that I’m going to answer for you guys. I’m well aware that a lot of options these days are garbage so I want to address a lot of the common issues that are out there.

I’ve used internationalcupid a bunch over the years and I wanna share my experiences with it. Read until the end of my international cupid review to find out if it’s worth your hard earned money or not…

Quality of Women on International Cupid

The number one criteria guys usually consider before signing up on there is what the quality of women is like. I’m a very well traveled guy and am generally a bit picky in regards to the women I go out with. I’m always pleased to sign on to International Cupid and see some nice looking ladies that are looking for a guy to talk to.

Most of the women that I’ve met on this here have been while traveling through foreign countries which I do a lot. I have met a few girls in the States as well though that were on working holidays, mostly from Europe or South America. Overall I give the quality of women a big thumbs up.

Types of Women on International Cupid

Overall there are two main types of women on international cupid that you will encounter. You can adjust your gameplan depending on what type you want to meet.

Serious/Relationship Oriented

classy ladyThis type of woman usually has a stable job and is looking for a life partner. There are a lot of these type of girls in Russia. They are usually tired of the local guys and want to find a stable western guy to settle down with and start a family.

You can easily spot these women by their profiles which are honest and straightforward. They will usually say mention that they are looking for something serious and not into one night stands. Their photos will be classy and not too revealing as well. These women are great to date if you don’t mind putting in a little bit of effort. Trust me the reward is worth it.


Another type of lady that you will encounter on International Cupid is the girl that is just looking for casual dating and to have fun. Not all of them will mention in their profile that they are looking for sex, but there is a much higher chance that they will put out on the first date than the serious type of girl.

I don’t date too many of these women anymore, however, I did have a lot of fun with them in the past. Most of them are easy going and not too jealous or clingy. If you just got out of a long-term relationship or marriage then you these girls are the perfect solution for you.

International Cupid Features

Free to sign up

This is the best feature of International Cupid. You know they have nothing to hide when they allow you to take a look at the members for free. I encourage you to click the button or image and go check it out if you don’t believe me. 

Cupid Media is confident that you will like the site and don’t try and hide anything. The downside is that you aren’t allowed to send any messages as a free member but I will elaborate on the features that paid members get soon.

Easy to Use

If you’re older like me and maybe not too tech savvy you don’t want to sign up for and have to spend hours trying to set filters to find women that meet your criteria. The good thing is that this site is very easy to navigate and has great search settings. I can literally narrow it down to my exact type of women in less than 2 minutes. This gives me way more free time to actually send out some messages which are how you get real results on there.

Is the Paid Version Worth It?

beautiful ladyGuys always wonder if the paid version of international cupid is worth it. I don’t blame guys for being skeptical with all the scams and crap out there so I want to cover a few main reasons why it’s worth every penny.

The first is that the price is very affordable if you consider the alternatives. As men, you’re always going to have to spend a bit of money to date, attractive women. The good news is that with International Cupid you can literally have access to thousands of potential dates at your fingertips for a tiny cost.

Compare that to the cost of going out to bars to meet women. When you factor in drinks, taxis and everything else it can add up fast. The average night out chasing western woman was around $100 when I lived in the USA, and that was just for one night with access to a tiny pool of unattractive women. 

There are 2 different plans available for international cupid which are gold and platinum. They are basically the same except the platinum plan offers a translation service. This makes it a breeze talking to women that have poor English.

The cost ranges between $12-36/month depending on if you sign up for 1, 3, or 12 months. Even just signing up for 3 months works out to less than a dollar a day! Meeting women that are serious doesn’t get any cheaper than this.

International Cupid Verdict

Overall I definitely recommend it to any guys that want to try out international dating. Trust me, once you meet some women on the site you’ll never go back to the women in your current country. Get started today and click the button below!