Japan Cupid Review: Is it Worth It?

nice girlIf you’re researching Japanese girls and wondering where to meet them you’ve most likely heard of japancupid.com. This is the biggest site on the market when it comes to Japanese women. Is it legit though?

That’s the question I aim to answer for you. It never hurts to be skeptical when online as there are scams out there. Given that I’ve had lots of experience on here when I lived in Osaka and Tokyo, I wanted to give you the rundown to see if it’s worth it for you to sign up.

Read my full and honest Japan Cupid review to see if it lives up to the hype or not…

Quality of Women on Japan Cupid

Given that japancupid.com has the most members when it comes to this country it also has the most quality women. Most women are better than average looking and have stable careers. They might be divorced from a Japanese guy or just have a preference for foreigners. Either way, it’s a great place to find some girls that are more serious and actively looking for a western guy.

Japan Cupid Pros

Save Time

It’s no secret that going out with women can be quite time-consuming, and being able to search for your ideal women extremely quickly is a big advantage. Japancupid.com has a great advanced search feature that enables you You can also screen them fast and pick the ones you like the most to continue talking to.

Huge Member Base

You can find the biggest pool of Japanese women on here. This means there are more quality girls to choose from. All the major cities like Tokyo will have more women than you can handle.

Even the smaller cities will have a decent selection because none of the other options market themselves heavily in the Japanese language. If you’re in a western country like the US you’ll have the highest chance of meeting a nice Japanese woman on here as well.

The Women are Keen to Meet

Japan Cupid is heavily marketed as a place for Japanese women to meet western men. This means that the girls who sign up are much more serious and more receptive to meeting than if you had met them a different way.

Usually, you can get their contact information within a few messages and talk on the Line app or WhatsApp which is very popular over there. Japanese women are usually quite shy but if they are on here they are definitely open to chatting and meeting up. Girls you meet at a bar or club won’t be this receptive in my experience.

Cons of Japan Cupid

The Women Can Be Distracting

girl in bikiniWhen you start to realize the world of foreign women it can get a bit distracting. Your status is higher in countries like Asia so lots of guys can’t help but take full advantage of all the eager women. The problem is that they overdo it and start to neglect their finances/business. This leads to some guys going out chasing girls almost every day and eventually going broke.

This can be easily avoided if you have some self-control or just want to get a steady girl for something serious.

It Costs Money

Lots of guys are put off by the fact that Japan Cupid costs money to use most of the features. Sure it’s free to sign up and browse members but if you want to have conversations with them you’ll need a paid membership.

This payment is actually a good thing though and I’m going to logically break it down for you guys.

Firstly, paid sites get rid of all the scammers and fake profiles that plague 95% of other options and apps out there. A poor scammer is not going to pay to sign up and the moderation is much better on paid options.

Secondly, it’s not that much money if you really break it down. I don’t know about you guys but when I dated western women I was expected to spend around $100 for a single date and it was often with an entitled princess that I didn’t even like that much. Compare that to Japan and it’s the polar opposite. A date in Osaka and even Tokyo would set me back maybe $20-30, as the girls were happy just going out for a meal or drinks at an average venue.

beautiful Japanese ladyThere are two membership options which are gold and platinum. They are similar, with the platinum option having more features like ranking above other members in the search results. This a HUGE bonus as there are so many members on there and it really makes you stand out.

If you sign up for a year with the platinum membership it works out to less than 50 cents per day! Even if you do monthly it still works out to a little over a dollar a day. There is simply no other way that you will get access to this many Japanese women for so little money. Going out to bars and spending money on drinks for girls that might not be interested could set you back hundreds per month. Don’t make that mistake!

Are There Scams on Japan Cupid?

There are always going to be a small people online that are looking to take advantage of others. The good news is that the great moderation of JapanCupid.com cuts this down drastically and makes it easy to avoid these people. You can report shady members instantly and if you simply don’t send money to women you haven’t met then it’s literally impossible to get scammed.

Plus Japan is probably one of the politest countries in the world so I wouldn’t spend a second worrying. I never had a single woman try and take advantage of me during my time there.

Japan Cupid Review Conclusion

Overall japancupid.com gets a big thumbs up from me. I smile when I look back on my times in Tokyo and Osaka. There’s simply no better option for Japanese dating than on here. Give it a go you won’t regret it!