Korean Cupid Review: My Experiences

pretty smilesSo you’re thinking of joining Korean Cupid? South Korea is a fabulous place. It is a bit on the expensive side compared with other countries, but the country and the girls are simply AMAZING! I have lived here and have first-hand experience using Korea Cupid and hooking up with many of this country’s finest resources.

The problem is that there is a lot of dodgy stuff on the internet. Don’t worry though. I have enough experience with this site to give you an idea of what to expect. Make sure to read until the end of my Korean Cupid review to get the full details…

Quality of Girls On Korean Cupid

First things first. There aren’t really a lot of poor quality girls on Korean Cupid, and also it’s the biggest out there, so there are so many girls to choose from. More girls mean there will be more attractive ones as well! In addition, many, if not most, women 18 to 30 have “any” as their preferred age of men they consider. This is really nice, especially for us middle-aged guys!

Types of Girls on Korean Cupid

The girls on here are typically 8 out of 10 in my book. They are some of the hottest girls in my opinion. The girls are super sweet and they are looking for a good guy. And since they don’t generally have an age-preference, you can find many 23-year-olds that want to date you, even settle down with you if you want that.

The Traditional Good Girl

traditional girl with flowersTraditional girls were raised to satisfy their man’s needs. They only need your loyalty in exchange for a very satisfying relationship. If you are looking for this kind of relationship, S. Korea is a great place to find one, and Korean Cupid can help you screen through the many choices and narrow them down to a reasonable number to talk to. You can definitely find a girl that is serious about a relationship, especially one with a foreigner.

If you are not looking for an exclusive relationship, there is the “open relationship” option too. Some girls allow you to pay for a little “upkeep”, and you don’t even have to bother with being loyal. You can have multiple girls at your beck-and-call whenever you want, without having to fulfill any relationship duties. What a bargain!

The Perfect Girl

perfectIf this country is known for one thing, it is the prolific cosmetic surgery. Party girls will look perfect, perhaps some will look too perfect. Eyes, cheeks, chin, lips, brows, lashes, hairline, boobs, etc. Everything will be in its place. I don’t get too excited about these girls, but if you want a beauty hanging on your arm and staring back at you in bed, you won’t have trouble finding one.

Of course, just as they are particular about their looks, they are going to be more critical of yours too. Your mileage will definitely vary here.

Is Korean Cupid for Real?

Yes. Definitely. It’s the real deal, not like some of the smaller crappy options out there at all. It is well known and there is a constant supply of new ladies signing up every day! Other sites do shady things like send out mass messages from “featured” girls and ask people to pay money to reply to them. These poor guys think a stunner is messaging them to chat and maybe meet up, but it’s nowhere near the truth. Korean Cupid doesn’t participate in these types of scams.

Are There Any Scams or Fake Accounts?

S. Korea is a developed country. I think this is probably the reason there just aren’t as many people trying to scam you here. It is the least “scammy” dating site in all of Asia. I never had any problem with it myself, and haven’t even had anyone complain about it to me. As a general rule, the poorer the country, the more scammers. The Cupid Media websites in general, and KoreanCupid.com, in particular, do a great job keeping this site clean, so you don’t need to worry. Use common sense and you’ll be fine.

Why Get the Paid Version of Korean Cupid?

KoreanCupid.com is free to sign up. You can also chat with some of the paid members for free if they message you first, but most of the girls don’t do that. I recommend signing up for your free account and checking out the girls. If you like them, then you’d be crazy not to sign up. Get the platinum package. Even though it’s more expensive, you have the best chance of finding a girl.

Also, if you don’t get the paid version, the girls will think you don’t have the money or don’t want to spend money. No one wants to date guy that seems like a tightwad. Consider this the best investment you can make in your sex life.

I have experience with more than 20 girls here using KoreanCupid.com. Other than paying for the platinum package and being nice to the girls, there is no other expense to getting laid every day if you want. In addition to the messaging limitations, the paid version contributes to filtering out a lot of the spam and fake accounts. You are extremely limited with the free version of this dating site. The features in the paid version will allow you to find a girl perhaps 5 times faster than if you don’t.


  • Send unlimited messages
  • Advanced search functions
  • The best way to find you a girl!
  • Easiest and least expensive way to get laid in S. Korea


  • Severely limited search functions
  • Can’t message other members unless they have paid
  • Pipelining/Setting Up Dates

“Pipelining” is when you start setting up dates prior to your arrival in a foreign country. If you use Korean Cupid, you will have no problem keeping your pipeline full of potential dates. When you are planning your first trip to S. Korea, sign up for an account at KoreanCupid.com. Setup your profile and start messaging the girls you like. You will almost immediately begin receiving responses. After paying for the premium features, start messaging your preferences and set up dates with some incredible local girls! Having a girl waiting for you when you arrive can also benefit you in jumping through local hoops like finding an apartment or hotel or even dinner.

Dating Cost Compared to Western Women

An average date in the USA can easily cost around $100 by the time you eat dinner and have a few drinks. S. Korea is not as cheap to eat out as China, but the cost of a date will still only be around $20 to $40. If you want to save money, consider a long-term girlfriend. Besides not having to pay for sex, you can split expenses by living together. S. Korean women like to pay their own way, and they will often buy you gifts and treat you to meals.

Korean Cupid Review Conclusion

I need to let you know that it’s a little different here than some other Asian countries. Not as many girls are into foreigners here like you find in the other countries. Basically, this is because their economy is better. Where girls in Vietnam, for example, might see you as their ticket to a better life. In S. Korea, the girls aren’t typically looking for that, although there are some exceptions. For the most part, they will need to at least like you a little bit before they’ll hop into the sack with you.

There are so many girls on this website that it would be impossible to talk to all of them. We have covered the benefits of paying for premium features, and how to set up an account even before landing in-country. You also know the different types of girls available, so you should be able to filter out the girls who are not compatible with you.

Whether you are looking for a quick lay, someone to show you where to find all of the great local restaurants, or if you are looking for a long-term relationship, KoreanCupid.com is going to be your main resource for tracking down the right girl. The choice is yours. Give Korean Cupid a shot.