Guide for Filipinas: How to Meet a Good Foreign Man & Keep Him

happy familyRelationships between western men and women from the Philippines has gotten a lot more common over the years. Their exotic looks are very attractive to western men and you will see a lot of Filipinas competing in huge beauty pageants across the world.

When it comes time to settle down and find a wife a lot of men are tired of the dating in their home country. They start looking abroad, with the Philippines being one of the top destinations.

There are a lot of guides on the internet that teach foreign men how to find a Filipina wife but there isn’t much information for Filipino women on how to find a western husband. That’s why I’m writing this article.

I’m a middle-aged American man that has traveled and stayed in the Philippines for years. I understand the cultural differences and want to help you in your journey.

If you’re a Filipina read until the end and I’ll go over how you can find a quality man that isn’t just after sex, as well as why a lot of Western-Filipina relationships fail and how to avoid this happening to you…

Where to Meet Good Foreign Men?

The first thing you MUST KNOW is what places are good to meet a western guy and which places are bad. I’ll give the pros and cons of each method so you can choose which is best for you.

Through Friends

This is one of the best ways for Pinays to meet a good foreign guy. The reason for this is because you’re friends know both of you very well and can play matchmaker. Also your friends will know the guy’s intentions and any guy they refer to you will likely be high quality.


  • Friends wont set you up with a loser
  • Friends know your type


  • Limited amount of guys
  • Could be waiting a long time


american man and filipinaIf you are interested in meeting a man that already lives in the Philippines then you can find them at a lot of local meetups. Facebook groups for different activities will have a lot of expats and tourists that are looking to meet new people. If you live in a big city you can also meet guys in the areas that a lot of foreigners stay.

In Manila, areas like Makati have a lot of western men. Just smile and maybe say hi 😉 Most guys are quite friendly. Don’t be shy!


  • Get to see guys in person first
  • Don't have to travel


  • Limited amount of guys
  • Guys might be too shy to approach


playerDating apps like Tinder, Badoo and Scout and a TERRIBLE place to find a man for a relationship. Most women don’t know this but 95% of western guys on apps like Tinder are only looking for sex and will never commit to you.

I won’t lie… There have been times where I’ve been promiscuous myself, but I’ve always been 100% honest with every woman I’ve met and I always keep a woman’s feelings close to heart. Unfortunately, a lot of guys on the apps are huge playboys that just want to sleep with as many women as possible while not caring about them whatsoever.

If you just want to have some fun with a foreign guy then that’s cool too :p The apps can be a good place to find that. If you want something more than a one night stand though it’s important to be careful because it’s very easy to get hurt.


  • Lots of guys on there


  • 95% of the guys are players
  • High chance of getting hurt


couple smilingOnline dating is extremely popular nowadays. There are so many different options to choose from. My number one recommendation would be The reason for this is that the men have to upgrade to a paid membership to message you and are far more serious when it comes to finding a quality woman.

I have quite a few male friends that found their wife on this website so whether you’re a guy or a girl you should check it out by clicking the button below!


  • Huge number of men
  • More high quality guys
  • Easy to search for your type


  • Some time wasters

Study or Live Abroad

couple walkingLet me tell you a secret… Women in the western world are losing their femininity and lots of western guys are no longer attracted to them. This gives Filipino women a HUGE advantage when it comes to dating.

In a country like the USA, a Filipina looks very exotic compared to the average white woman. A lot of guys will be attracted to this and you will literally have guys competing with each other to try and take you out on a date. Trust me, when I lived in the US I was one of the guys that were competing!


  • Lots of guys will be attracted to you
  • Get to meet lots of guys in person


  • Traveling can be very expensive
  • Wont see family as often

How to Make the Relationship Last

Once you find a good man you want to make the relationship last. Follow these steps to prevent the relationship from failing.

Always be Faithful

This is obvious but important. I’m not just talking about sex either. Western guys can get jealous easily so make sure to not flirt or be too friendly with any other men while you’re together. Reassure him that he is you’re one and only.

Stay Traditional

One thing that western men love about Filipina women is that they still take good care of their men. If you marry a foreign man and move to a western country then make sure to keep your traditional values and take good care of him. Don’t be influenced by western women and the way they act.

Give Him Space

couple swimmingIt’s no secret that family is extremely important to most Filipinos. One common mistake that a lot of Pinays make when they get a western husband is to smother him non-stop with attention. Of course, they have his best interests at heart but it can end up causing problems in the relationship.

The reason for this is that foreign guys need to have their “alone time”. This is the time where they can relax and just be alone with their thoughts. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it’s just a cultural difference so don’t take it personally and let him have some space once in a while 🙂


Out of all the countries that I’ve been to I was always impressed with how well Filipinos speak English! They are miles ahead of the neighboring countries and this gives the ladies a huge advantage when finding a foreign husband.

Communication in any relationship is CRUCIAL and if you can fully understand each other the chances of staying together will be much higher.


I hope that this article helped. I’m confident that if you follow these tips you will not only find the man of your dreams but also avoid guys that are not right for you.