Having an Affair On Tinder: Cheating on a Dating App

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This is a guest post by a regular reader that wished to remain anonymous. He emailed us his experience using Tinder for married dating and it was so shocking that we had to share!

The Tinder app has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Literally, everyone knows about it, hell even my own grandma has tried it out!

It’s easy to see why the app is so popular. All you have to do is post some photos, flirt with some people and then meet up to “Netflix and chill” with someone you find attractive;)

All the benefits of Tinder might make it seem like the perfect place for a married person to date and find an affair. The problem is that Tinder is actually the WORST possible place for you to cheat.

I actually got CAUGHT having an affair on Tinder and it ruined my life. I’d advise you guys to read until the end of this post to see how you can avoid making the mistakes I did and losing your family over it…

Why Tinder is TERRIBLE For Married Dating

First I want to go over the reasons why this dating app is so bad for married people to use. There are so many things to consider.

No Privacy on Tinder

no privacyThis is the number one reason that you shouldn’t use tinder for an affair. Because the app is so well known, the odds of someone seeing you on there are extremely high. Literally, anyone can sign up and find you by filtering for your stats within 10 minutes.

Don’t think that you can use it in other far away cities either. It’s still easy for your spouse to sign up for the premium membership and use the “passport” feature to see whatever area you’re in.

Tinder is too Mainstream

Like I mentioned before, everyone knows about this dating app. This is a problem because even if your spouse doesn’t sign up, odds are many of their friends are already on there. This would be a disaster if you got caught. Affairs are meant to be discreet, Tinder is the opposite of this.

Tinder Uses Your Facebook

It’s a requirement for the app to have access to your Facebook account. The app is not supposed to post to your account but it doesn’t matter. It will still show under the “connected apps” section of Facebook. This is simply unacceptable when you’re trying to have a discreet affair.

Some people go and create brand new facebook accounts just to use with Tinder, however having a second Facebook is suspicious enough. If you slipped up and your spouse saw your second account it would be game over.

How I Lost Everything Having an Affair on Tinder

divorceI’ve been in a miserable marriage for the last 20 years. Business trips to other cities are the only time I am able to get laid. My wife and I are just together for our kids.

I figured I would sign up for Tinder to try and find someone to cheat with. Unfortunately, my wife (now ex) got suspicious and signed up herself. She used the passport feature to find my profile and sent me a message with a screenshot asking for a divorce.

It was one of the most soul-crushing moments of my life. Our marriage had fallen apart long ago, but the kids are still young and are taking it badly. Also, I do quite well with my online businesses and ended up losing multiple six figures in the divorce. Tinder literally cost me a huge portion of my net worth.

Tips to Do it Properly

So now that you know why Tinder is the WORST way for married people to date I want to share a better method for your affair. Let’s face it, most people cheat. It’s simply not natural to have sex with one person for the rest of our lives. If you’re going to do it though, do it properly!

There are Alternatives

couple kissingWhat we mean by this is that you should sign up for a good website made for this type of thing. You might be thinking why? The main reason is that these dating sites for cheaters are less popular than tinder, meaning a much lower chance of your spouse finding out.

They have advanced privacy features that Tinder simply doesn’t have because it was never designed for cheating. Also, the paid membership area acts as a barrier to stop people from signing up and snooping. What are the odds your spouse finds out about one of these sites and inputs their credit card to sign up? I’ll tell you, zero.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did. I lost my kids and lots of my income. Click the button below to see our top recommendations that will allow you to have discreet affairs for many years to come.

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