My Ukraine Date Review: Is it a Scam?

ukraine date reviewIf you’re interested in Ukraine and all it has to offer then you just might have heard of Ukraine Date. This is one of the more popular sites that cater to western men.

Is it any good though? Let’s face it, there are a lot of complete scams out there. I can see why you would think this one is the same as the rest. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Read until the end of this Ukraine Date review and see for yourself if it’s worth your hard-earned money. I’ll go over my personal experiences with some of the girls I met on there…

Quality of Girls on Ukraine Date

I know that this is the section that you guys want to read most! We all want to get the hottest dates possible, whether that’s for something casual or finding a future wife. I’ve got good news, they are some of the hottest I’ve seen in Europe.

Being a paid option is actually a good thing as it attracts a lot of high-quality women that are serious about finding a western man. They will even pursue you aggressively at times!

Types of Girls on Ukraine Date

girls partyingOverall, there are a few different types of girls on here that have different goals. Knowing what these types are will help you to avoid wasting your time.

Party Girls

If you want to get laid look no further. These girls want to party and if you have a bit of money (2k/month is plenty in Ukraine) then you can have a really good time, trust me;) The average salary is just $300, so living on 1-2k/month is pretty comfortable in most cities.


beautiful girl in dressOn the other hand, you have the professionals that are more serious and looking to find a good husband for marriage. Maybe they are divorced from a Ukrainian guy and want to give western men a shot, or they just prefer westerners.

They will typically have normal office jobs like secretaries, customer service reps, etc. They are great to date long term. The ones I met were beautiful, well-traveled, smart, spoke great English and were very classy. The type of girl you could take to work event and make every guy turn his head as she walks away.

Pros of UkraineDate .com

Lots of Members = More Hot Ones

This is the biggest one for the area with the most members by far. It’s run by Cupid Media and they really know how to keep it running well. I have nothing but good things to say about this company.

Having lots of members means there are more girls of course. There are so many options that you’ll struggle to find the time to message all the ones that you want.

You Have More Status

man with wifeIn Ukraine you are MUCH more valuable than in your home country, this is a fact. There are a few reasons for this. One is that being a westerner you are perceived to have more money. This may or may not be true but it’s a huge advantage for you either way.

Another benefit is that some of the women are tired of the local men. There is a heavy drinking culture among men in the Ukraine and the girls that are looking to get serious and find a husband don’t like this.

They are traditional and want a stable man that can provide for them. The good news is that being comfortable financially is extremely easy with the high value of a western currency. When I stayed in Kiev I was struggling to spend more than 2-3k/month.

They are Eager to Meet

Unlike garbage apps like Tinder, on UkraineDate they are way less likely to play games and you’ll have a much higher response rate especially if you’re middle-aged. Apps are generally a young man’s game.

There is also less of a cultural taboo with age differences. In some countries it’s looked down upon, not so in Ukraine, in fact, it’s completely normal for guys to have a wife that’s 10+ years younger.

I was frequently going out with girls 10-15 years younger than myself and I have friends that have wives 20+ years younger than them!

Cons of UkraineDate .com

I don’t believe in fairy tales and neither should you. There are a couple cons that I’ll go over.

They are Addictive!

girl in pink dressThis is not a con for most guys and may seem like a funny point but I figured I’d talk about it. When I was in the country I was like a kid in a candy store. I almost couldn’t believe that there were hot 25-year-olds that were open to meeting me, is this real life I thought? In the states, I never got a second look.

Anyways, the point is to stay focused on your business and not get too distracted with messaging girls all day because it’s very easy to get addicted to it.

The way to overcome this is to schedule a time to respond to messages and screen out time wasters fast. Don’t have it open all day, just pop on 2-3 times per day to check messages and browse members.

It Costs Money

It’s true at it costs a little money and some guys might not like that. I do though and let me explain why.

The cost to sign up eliminates 95% of the bullshit. The fake profiles, bots, flaky girls, etc. These are all things that apps are plagued with. UkraineDate does a good job of getting rid of this garbage.

Also if you look at the cost it’s a VERY small investment for the amount of time you save. If you value your time even a little bit (which every man should), then it’s a no-brainer to spend a couple bucks a day to save potentially hours per month. A month’s membership is less than the price of one date in the states!

Is Ukraine Date a Scam?

No, definitely not. Like I mentioned above it’s run by a reputable company that takes care of their members. You can’t go too wrong giving it a shot.

Some guys wonder if there are fake profiles or anything like that? Probably a few, but not even close to the amount on other options and they’re very easy to avoid.

My Ukraine Date Review Conclusion

Overall I would happily recommend Ukrainian date to most guys. It’s a small investment for the return you get from it. Just remember to save some girls for me;)
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