How to Get Laid in Vietnam: Sex For Free

saigon nightlifeAhh, Vietnam… It really is a single man’s paradise. I have a lot of experience when it comes to getting laid the local women. If your goal is to get laid for free then you’ll want to keep reading.

Overall there are a number of ways to find some girls that are interested in you but the best method is online. You can read my review of Vietnam Cupid which is my number one recommendation for finding them. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel if you play your cards right.

The girls on there are really keen for foreigners and some might even pursue you.

Keep reading for all the strategies that have allowed me to get laid easily every time I’ve been in the country.

Make a Sexual Profile to Get Laid

So many of my friends that I’ve coached with dating all do the same thing wrong when trying to get laid in Vietnam. They all have crap profiles. Generic description, crappy photo and not much for the girls to see.

Use Good Photos to Get Laid

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to take pics of you in a suit, but having a couple photos of you smiling and having a good time go a long way, trust me. Ditch the straight-faced selfie for a pic of you out with friends having a good time. Trust me on this. Also, if you’re in good shape include a couple shirtless pics in there.

Don’t Disqualify in the Description

Since our goal here is to get laid with Vietnamese girls and not find something serious, we need to be careful about being too specific in our profile. We wouldn’t want to turn off any girl that we could potentially have sex with. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t compatible if you just want easy sex.

Make your profile short but entertaining. Make them laugh if possible and use smiley faces. Don’t use complicated words or grammar as they most likely don’t have good English. If you speak the Vietnamese language then definitely add that to your profile.

How to Get Laid in Vietnam FAST

Assuming your profile is all set up correctly it’s time to start sending out messages. Below are some of my tips for how to have sex with them as fast as possible.

It’s a Numbers Game

Like all dating, banging sexy Vietnamese girls is a numbers game. You can’t send out 10 messages and expect to get laid every time. Sure it can happen sometimes but you need to put in the numbers. The more messages you send, the more girls you will have sex with.

Don’t Go For Dinner

ladies at barTaking her out to dinner is one of the worst moves if you want to have fast sex. Do you think she will be in the mood after eating a big meal and feeling bloated? Probably not.

A much better plan is to take them to a nice rooftop bar. The alcohol will help them to loosen up and you’ll have a 50% higher chance of getting some pussy. Keep it playful and make sure to touch them every so often to get them used to it.

Get the Logistics Right

Make sure to have the date as close as possible to your place. Even better if your place has a bar in it. It’s much easier to pull them back to your place when you live nearby.

Go for the Pull

Assuming the date is going well, it’s time to invite her back to your place. Use an excuse for this. It could be almost anything. They want to have sex too, they just need to form a silly rationalization in their mind so they can say “it just happened” lol.

You can ask to watch a movie for example. Or just say you have more drinks at your place if the bar is closing.


I guarantee if you follow these tips that you’re chances of getting laid in Vietnam will skyrocket. There’s a reason why I’ve spent so much time in the country.